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After its successful launch in April this year, All Things Bright has crawled into the hearts of the people in Kochi . It started off with two young women entrepreneurs, Merin Varghese and Chinnu Kunjumary Paul, and their personal experiences with flea markets. All Things Bright is a travelling flea market that plans to conquer various cities in Kerala and in the process promote and encourage the talented individuals and businesses of the state. It gives online entrepreneurs a chance to directly interact with their customers and understand their market more effectively. This flea market is a fun, exciting and colorful way to spend a day. All Things Bright’s newest edition will be conducted on the 7th and 8th of December at Kaloor Stadium Ground, Kochi.


Chinnu Kunjumary Paul and Merin Varghese – Women behind All Things Bright


Give a brief info about your venture, All things Bright?

All Things Bright is a creatively curated marketplace where we seek to empower and celebrate the talented and passionate entrepreneurs and creatives like yourself from around the country and provide a platform for them to interact and connect with the masses of Cochin city.


What was the inspiration or the motivating factor behind this?

 Sunday Saul Sante has been our inspiration to start this flea.


All Things Bright aims to be an emerging platform for entrepreneurs to interact with their customers

Tell us about yourself, your previous jobs/ventures?

 My name is Merin, I did my Masters in Communication from Chennai and was working with an advertising agency in Bangalore and my partner Chinnu completed her from Chennai and was working with an Interior Designing company in Bangalore.


Cochin is slowly catching the flea market fever? Do you think this is the best place for your venture?

 We are not focusing only on Cochin. We are looking forward to do this flea all around Kerala.


Who are your competitions and what is unique about you?

 There are a lot of flea markets and pop ups coming up. As I mentioned earlier we are a travelling flea market. We will be doing flea markets in other cities of Kerala , Chennai and Bangalore this year.


What are the challenges in conducting an entire event?

 There are a lot of challenges in conducting this, especially the weather and another challenge we face is making people understand what a flea market is .


 Tell us about your team and how did you meet each other?

We have been close friends since 7 years,  Me, Chinnu and our husbands are a very strong team now.

We have very active and strong volunteers who have been supporting us from the first event.

What is the future plan for your company?

 We are planning to expand our company with many other exciting events


Any message for young women entrepreneurs?

 Kerala is supporting a lot for upcoming and established women entrepreneurs.

Always do what you like and love the most, rest everything will happen in place.


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