Kerala’s Growing Vlog Culture


Vlogging has taken the world by storm. The number of users on video sharing platforms like YouTube have been  blowing up with the increasing popularity of vlogs and vloggers. The trend of video blogging will not be going away anytime soon considering its widespread use and acceptance, and many people prefer vlogging over old school blogging due to its liveliness and transparency. Video blogging also provides the creator with a wider range of creative prospects. Individuals all around the globe have conquered the art of video blogging and malayalees have not wasted time in joining the bandwagon.  Vlogging in Kerala is on the rise and we now have many malayalee YouTubers.



YouTube remains to be the biggest platform for video bloggers even though Facebook and Instagram have features that promote vlogging. Many YouTube Vloggers earn their living through the creative content they post on their channels while others use it as a means of promoting their existing business or brand. Whether it is fashion, travel or movie reviews, we find the best content in the form vlogs.


Famous Vloggers in Kerala


Veena’s Curryworld, TechTravelEat by Sujith Bhakthan, Abhijith Vlogger to mention a few are famous vloggers in Kerala. Veena’s Curry World has over 10 Lakh subscribers making her one of the highest subscribed Kerala vlogger. Veena posts authentic Kerala recipes on her channel as well as other varied content.  Sujith Bhaktans’s channel specializes in travel vlogs with detailed information and description of popular tourist destinations. He has around 7 Lakh subscribers and his most popular vlog has over 20 Lakh views.  Abhijit Vlogger is a YouTube channel that has a unique way of giving movie reviews and he also posts travel content. Abhijith has over 1 Lakh subscribers and the count is increasing day by day.



Many celebrities have also taken to YouTube and the art of vlogging to give their fans an insight into their personal lives and in the process promote their brands. Archana Kavi has over 1 lakh subscribers and the famous singing duo Amritha and Abhirami Suresh also have a YouTube channel called Amrutham Gamaya with more than 1 Lakh subscribers tuning in to watch their videos every time they post.


Little Moments by Archana Kavi


 Brands and Businesses are also advertised and promoted using these video blog sites, it serves as an efficient tool for businesses to connect with their target audience. Many times, it is the vlogger’s personality, talent and lifestyle that is the commodity, vlogging is now seen not only as a means of creative expression but also as a way of generating income.

To effectively promote your brand or idea through vlogging you need to identify a vlogger whose vlogs are in sync with your brand and also ensure the vlogger has sufficient number of followers from your target customer base. The content should be creative, transparent and succinct to deliver the message. Many restaurants, movies, apparel brands, travel companies use vlogging to effectively promote their brand.


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