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Pandemic has made our lives upside down and has also stopped us from learning new things and upgrading ourselves with new skills. Due to this issue, a budding entrepreneur named Soumya John Kurishingal has come up with a solution to upgrade yourselves with any skill you wish to learn, that too with just a click. Here is Learnbee, a unique platform where you can learn new skills ranging from cooking to music, prepare for IELTS/ OET exams, and language training. Learnbee also provides business consulting services as well. So let’s hear it from the team.

Learnbee is among the swiftly growing learning platforms. Success does not come overnight, what is Learnbee’s story and the reason for its success?

 LearnBee knowledge hub and business consultants. We all struggle with this pandemic, time I decided to do something for society, and it should be unique and that platform helps everyone in their daily life which means if we are locked up again or our normal life this should be a better option for each person. I am a teacher, so first I find myself and my area of interest. Lots of online tuition apps and e-learning platforms are available these days for the normal Kerala syllabus and CBSE board. What if a person needs a skill learning opportunity? LearnBee is the best solution for that, you can teach or study any skills like cooking, baking, music, dance, story writing, etc. We conduct workshops for each program, once the student is satisfied with that he/she can join our masterclasses. IELTS, OET, and language training (English, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, German, etc, at a very reasonable rate of Rs.999 Per Month).

LearnBee’s next vertical is business consulting. If any type of organization needs a scalable base, we will help them for their growth, our team specializes in marketing. We will thoroughly study each client’s business and their history, product, etc. Every person is unique, so they need a unique marketing strategy for their brand. Maybe the same product will be available in the market with another brand, quality, attractiveness but all show differences, we suggest a better and healthier marketing plan.

 Learnbee has one more vertical, it’s completely an IT solution segment. At the same time as the pandemic lockdown, we planned to do something for vendors and local businesses. Finally, we developed Price24, the complete virtual Mall. For example, Lulu is a physical mall in which we can see different brand shops, salons, grocery, accessory shops, etc. Nowadays the world has changed to a digital world. So, our application will work as a digital mall. All vendors (Online or offline) can start their own digital shop in Price24 App. It helps them to enhance their business. We also provide an E-commerce website with its own domain. If it is the case of a restaurant we will provide a digital menu card, with pre-booking facilities and lots of features added and the main attraction for merchants is, we charge Rs.9999/ year for all features and websites. So this is the story of Learn bee, 5 people are the backbone of the learning bee which including Soumya, Muhammed Shafi, Ajmal Khadar, Jijo Johnson, and Sujesh. The reason behind the name LearnBee is, Queen bee is leading this. 

What were the challenges that Learnbee faced in the initial days of growth? How were they tackled?

The main challenge that I had faced as a lady was without support trying to start up a business, finding it hard to raise capital, finding a good team was also a big task for me, but I overcame all the moments. Now the team LearnBee is the real capital.

Everyone have a target audience in their mind before starting, in this case different age groups might be the criteria. Which age group is your mostly targeted audience and why? 

As the app provides an opportunity to learn a variety of skills, there isn’t a barrier of age as any age can learn different skills.

How do you evaluate the recent trends in the e-learning sector?

Online course evaluation is about measuring the quality of an eLearning course. Quality, or course success, can be defined as the extent of learning experienced by participants, the performance of learners on assessments, the changes in behavior in the workplace, or overall course quality. Learn bee provides a quality skill learning platform for everyone with a reasonable fee.

We have quite a number learning apps in the business now, what makes you stand out? What is unique in Learnbee?

Our uniqueness is that we provide a skill development platform for everyone and we have the best solutions for each business solution.

How has Covid-19 affected you and your business? How are your employees dealing with the work-at-home environment? Are you managing to stay productive?

COVID-19’s first lockdown helped me to create a system like LearnBee and Price 24. I hope LearnBee and its verticals will be a channel for the future.

What do you do to make your web/app a better and convenient medium to learn for the students that enroll with you and make their learning better and knowledgeable experience?

For decades, education was relegated to stifling classrooms with blackboards and uncomfortable desks. Today, students of all ages and experience levels have far more options, including online courses. Online education comes in so many shapes and sizes. Students have an endless amount of opportunities to learn new things. Nowadays, trends and inventions are its high end. So changes are better to let us go with the trend and build better ones.

What are the future plans for Learnbee and what is the goal in the next five years?

 I have a better plan for the future like upgrades of methods, integration of new tools for a better experience and a vision is to see the growth of the digital era with Learnbee and its verticals, we definitely try to market our products all over the world, because the features of our products are designed for the future which we are working hard for.

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