Level up your English language

With English being an omnipresent language that you require in your daily life to converse with others to even land a good job, all of this revolves around how fluent you are with your English language. Keeping this in mind, this is ENGLISH HUB a UK-based company with offices in Kerala, ENGLISH HUB is an online platform to develop your English language skills under the training and mentorship of qualified ESL trainers who help you to build and improve your English language and confidence skills. Come let us read more about them!

Give a brief info about ENGLISH HUB

ENGLISH HUB is a UK-based Online English Training firm with its presence in Kerala. We have certified trainers from different parts of Kerala. Our target audiences are students (schools and colleges), working professionals, and homemakers. Anybody can join the course. We conduct a level test initially and based on that we choose the apt course for the students. It’s 100% Online. We deliver daily classes through WhatsApp so that students can refer anytime when they’re free. The students just need to spare one hour a day for the classes. Students are provided with a personal trainer throughout the course for clearing their doubts and assistance to their daily homework and practice sessions. They also have a calling activity trainer and can talk to them directly over the phone. The course includes plenty of vocabulary sessions, grammar for improving their speaking and writing, and many activities for enhancing listening and reading skills. We also provide business English, interview training skills, and other bonus sessions in the

What are the platforms you use to effectively deliver your content?

We provide simplified but effective training in a completely online mode, through Whatsapp and direct phone calls.

Creating engaging content for a social media platform is a challenging task. How did you manage to tackle this?

We provide daily free informative content on various English-related topics on Facebook and Instagram in both poster and video formats which are helpful to our audience.

Who are your target customers? How do you reach them through the platforms you are currently using it?

Our target audiences are students (school and college), working professionals, and homemakers in and outside Kerala. We do have many students from overseas especially middle-east. The candidates reach us through social media platforms.

How is Instagram helping you in reaching your potential customers?

Through daily informative content on our page.

Tell us about your team and how did you meet each other?

Naseef and Shanib are the founders of ENGLISH HUB. Both are MBA graduates from overseas. We do have young, very talented, and certified resources working for us as our core team members. Dr. Erfan K, Henna Thabassum, Nishma Nazer, Nazareen Sha, and Bisiya Malik are among our core team members. They are the pillars of our company. We do have many full-time and part-time resources supporting us.

What are the future plans for ENGLISH HUB?

We plan to extend to more countries and also to focus on many English-related competitive exams.

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