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OnPageOne is a marketing agency that aims to grow your brand, build audiences and accelerate your company’s ROI. Being on page one of search results is a concept that OnPageOne believes in and aspires to achieve for each brand. Neetu Kurian founder of Onpageone started her company with just two people which eventually grew into a company filled with highly experienced team of digital experts delivering best results for their clients. Let us learn more about what OnPageOne does and has to offer from Neetu Kurian.

Give a brief info about OnPageOne? How did you come up with this name for your startup?

Founded in the year 2017, OnPageOne is a full-service digital marketing agency headquartered in Kochi, Kerala. We are a smart, passionate, and highly experienced team of digital experts helping brands tell stories, build audiences and accelerate their digital ROI through performance-driven marketing. At OnPageOne, we have digital covered end to end, upside down, and inside out and whatever we do, we are relentlessly focused on one thing that is driving business results for brands.

OnPageOne (on-page-one) or being on page one of search results is a place every brand aspires to be in the digital space whether organically or through paid advertising. We built the name from this concept – one that resonates with the industry resonates with what we want our clients to achieve when they associate with us.

What was the inspiration behind starting OnPageOne? When did you realize there is a potential market gap in this sector?

I was taken aback by the immense potential that the digital marketing space had to offer from the time I joined Google back in 2010. Digital and the possibilities it provided for businesses to scale and generate revenue still don’t fail to amaze me. With my love for digital and having envisaged the great potential in the space, I founded OnPageOne with the purpose of introducing digital marketing in the right direction to the business community & having them embrace the platform as a marketing avenue for success.

After working for corporates like Google & InMobi, I returned to Kerala in 2016. Interaction and discussions with business owners during networking events made me realize the limited understanding and misconceptions of digital marketing among the business community in Kerala. The need for an exclusive, professional, transparent, and result-oriented digital marketing agency was evident and this incited me to embark upon an entrepreneurial journey and establish OnPageOne Digital Agency – a digital marketing agency that values professionalism, transparency, results, and customer satisfaction before anything else.

There are many digital marketing firms which has come up over the years. What is the unique proposition of OnPageOne when compared to other firms?

Many in fact. First and foremost, would be our rich & in-depth experience in the digital marketing space, and the fact that we’re ROI obsessed in whatever we do has always been a win. Secondly, all the services that we offer are handled in-house. We don’t outsource our work and have a ‘no freelancer’ policy to ensure the highest quality standards. Further, we started out as a digital marketing agency, unlike so many others that started out in the traditional marketing or web development space and then ventured into digital. Digital marketing is our core expertise, and this is where we want to be in the long-term as well and be a game-changer for brands that we associate with.

What are some of the services offered by OnPageOne? Is there a changing trend you have observed in the demands of the customers?

Our services span across all spheres of the digital ecosystem such as:-

  • Digital Strategy & Research
  • Content Strategy & Planning
  • Performance Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing & Management
  • Performance Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Digital Consulting & Advisory

In Feb 2021, we also launched a sub-brand in the name OnPageOne OnLive, which is our influencer marketing wing wherein we connect brands with relevant social media influencers & content creators & help brands maximize their reach to the right target audience.

Digital has transformed the marketing landscape and today, brands are increasingly focused on performance-driven marketing & ROI more than mere visibility. As an agency that was established with ‘business results’ and ‘ROI’ at its core, we feel this is the right time & we’re glad to notice such a positive shift among brands.

What were the challenges you had faced while starting your venture?

Back in the days when we were just starting out, digital marketing wasn’t something that many business owners were well versed with as a concept. So initially, we had to drive a lot of education around digital marketing as a proven formula for business success. However, we took this challenge as an opportunity to question the status quo within organizations and bring about a fresh perspective of how digital can add value to their existing marketing efforts. Some other challenges include running a completely bootstrapped business, finding the right talent, etc.

Explain the thought behind selecting Kerala to start your venture? How much has the startup environment in Kerala changed over the years.

Kerala is home and after years of working for MNC’s in other parts of the country, I got back to Kerala in 2016 and that’s when I realized the low adoption of digital as a marketing avenue in Kerala. With the rich experience I had in digital over the years, I felt that there is a lot I could contribute to this space. With support from family & friends, I decided to venture into entrepreneurship & founded OnPageOne in the year 2017.

Considering you have an impressive and large clientele; how do you ensure each one of them gets a customized plan?

Every business comes with a different set of pain points & challenges on the marketing front. Identifying these pain points and resolving them through the most effective digital solutions is what we strive for with a boutique digital agency approach. We’re relentlessly focused on one thing driving business results for brands and therefore, we don’t operate as a “plug-and-play” digital marketing agency with ready-made packages everyone can avail of as one size clearly doesn’t fit all. Every business we partner with gets a custom, a tailored digital marketing plan that is carefully prepared.

Tell us about your team and how did you meet them?

The team comprises digital experts from various areas such as social media, paid advertising, analytics, content creation, designing, etc. I’m very proud of Team OnPageOne, and I have also been very lucky to have found the right talent for each role. Most of them came through referrals & direct applications and I must say that nothing makes me happier than seeing them grow within the organization, handling responsibilities with utmost grace & driving success. They are our biggest asset.

How does the journey ahead for OnPageOne looks like?

We’re here to prove the true worth of digital marketing to brands that we associate with and have them embrace digital as the most preferred medium for advertising and OnPagOne as the most preferred agency for driving their digital KPIs. While we have been hugely successful on this front, there is still a long way to go – a lot of brands we would like to work for, a lot of markets to conquer & a lot of services to be introduced. The last two years have been slow-moving due to the COVID scenario but we’re hoping for a great 2022 and are busy gearing up for the same. To know more about their services, log onto

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