All about fresh ingredients

In the world of exquisite gastronomy a rudimentary factor of choosing the right ingredients, Millers provide freshly extracted cooking oils, authentic freshly ground spices, premium wheat, and rice flour, and much more with their cleaning raw materials thoroughly before grounding them, all prepared in front of you.

The Millers is like old wine in new bottle? How did you come up with this idea to revive and rebrand milling and milling shops?

Miller started off as a brainwave to deliver quality products processed in front of the customer thereby assuring the customer as our tag line suggests “Nothing added purity delivered”.

How did the market respond to the new set up? What is the uniqueness which draws customers to your shop?

The overwhelming response and the USP was our transparency

What were the challenges that you faced in the initial days of setting up the shop? How were they tackled?

Procurement of the raw materials (specific breeds to strike a balance between pricing and quality) and suitable machinery.

Do you have any competitors? If so, how are you planning to address this issue?

None as of now, but we expect similar shops but innovative developments and products to keep us ahead of our competitors.

Can you please explain the process of buying products once a customer walks in to your store? Do they need to place the order before?

The orders are processed after the customer walks in, but we do have some packed material in stock for people who don’t have time.

There must be a lot of advanced machinery used in the process. How do you manage the cleaning and maintenance of these machines?

It is not about advanced machines but identifying the machines (world over) to suit our requirements and we have daily weekly and monthly cleaning schedules.

How do you manage sourcing the raw materials? Is it all natural or organic?

Natural but processed in order to have quality raw materials for grinding or extraction.

The milling process is a laborious task? How many people are involved in the process and how do you manage the workforce?

One outlet needs a maximum of four people to manage the store.

Tell us about your core team? How are the responsibilities shared?

Chairman of our group (LTS GROUP, KUWAIT, Mr. Mishari Al Maghawi.), Venugopal R.( Founder and CEO), Bindu Venugopal (Director), Mahmood Radwan(Finance Director)

What are your future plans? Do you have plan to franchise or open company owned stores?

Miller targets 100 outlets in INDIA and the Middle east within a span of two years through company-owned or franchisee.

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