Techno Park paves way for Trivandrum’s Transformation


Kazhakootam is known as the IT capital of Kerala and is also one of the fastest growing area of Trivandrum City. It is successfully emerging as a techno centric zone on the urban edge of Trivandrum city. The major techno centric campuses in the region are the Techno Park, UST Global and the Infosys Campus.


UST Global Campus

Creation of Job Opportunities

Techno Park is one of India’s largest IT parks and one of the world’s greenest technopolis. It hosts over 50,000 IT professionals and around 400 IT/ITES companies. Some of the biggest names in IT like Infosys, UST Global, TCS, Allianz Cornhill, Oracle, IBS Software etc office at the Techno Park in Trivandrum. The transformations after the emergence of the IT park has not only been techno centric but has also lead to other major developments in the vicinity of the Park. The most important being the increased availability of a wide range of white collar jobs for the people in the state. The need for support staff in sectors like security, gardening etc has also increased. The Techno Park can be seen to provide jobs for a large population in Trivandrum. This, without doubt, has resulted in an overall improvement of the standard of living in the Capital City. Another notable fact is that over 40% of professionals at the Techno Park are Women; many female engineering graduates find it comfortable to work at Trivandrum than at the Bangalore Techno Park.


Inflow of Millennial

There has hence been a large inflow of millennial from all around the state into Trivandrum with around 50%- 55% of floating population from all over India. The need for apartments and shared spacing can be termed the need of the hour and multiple places near and around Kazhakootam serves these purposes. The versatile and large numbers of working professionals’ demands for entertainment and social opportunities have also given way to cafes and restaurants mushrooming in the nooks and corners of the area. Banks, hotels, restaurants, malls, lodges have sprouted to cater to the many individuals working at these technical hubs. Before the arrival of the Techno Park, shopping opportunities were also limited, now there are several well known brands offering their products and services in Trivandrum city.


Cricket Shack – Streams cricket matches and has live music performances


The younger generation loves spending their money  on food and experiences. Trivandrum has witnessed  a huge rise in the number of restaurants, cafes, late night joints, juice and ice cream parlours over the last ten years. There are numerous eateries and food destinations near the Techno Park  to cater to the millennial choices keeping in mind their choices and lifestyle. ‘Sulthans Sulaimani’ is a café in Kazhakootam that offers the world’s finest herbal, aromatic, flavourised tea blends is a favourite among the crowd.



Located on 7th Floor Terrace by Makkawao offers good food and ambience


Another popular eatery in Kazhakootam is the ‘Cricket Shack’. The cricket-themed restaurant with live cricket streaming and music performances is one of the major attractions for the working IT professionals. The Magic Planet is a museum of magic located at the Kinfra Film and Video Park situated at Kazhakuttom. It holds shows, performances and tricks to entertain and amuse the weekends. The Brickhouse Oven opens its doors to gastronomes with their thin crust pizzas and sandwiches. Rooftop cafe Terrace is another place wooing the young crowd with their lip smacking delicacies and awesome ambiance of the rooftop.


BrickHouse Oven for their thin crust Pizzas

Due to the busy lifestyles of the working class, many online food apps have also gained momentum in the city. UberEats, Swiggy and Zomato are popular and is sought out for after a hectic day at work, it makes lives easier and at the same time is another way in which the Techno Park has opened more job opportunities for the people of Trivandrum.


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