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Kitch .in came into being with the intention of bringing back a piece of health and traditional living into the modern day home. It provides its customers with seasoned natural cookware which is handcrafted and seasoned using traditional methods. This enterprise brings together artisans and craftsmen to keep the dying art of seasoning alive. A healthy and sustainable option of cookware is introduced by Kitch. in, a connection to our roots and traditional ways. The people of today are going back to their roots by finding natural alternatives to modern ways and methods. The modern ways adapted to match the fast paced lives of people today might not be the healthiest option. When it got difficult to get natural cookware, many drifted towards easier alternatives. provides its customers with natural cookware encouraging them to opt for the healthier option. Co-founder, Priya Deepak, tells us all about and how it came into being. fits into our modern day kitchen just like like modern requirements

Tell us about and its different products?

Kitch Natural Cookware Pvt Ltd, branded as is one of the first digital brand in India which provides ready to use, traditionally hand seasoned natural cookware, delivered right at your door steps. Every cookware is picked from best source, be it factories, artisans and hand seasoned using traditional methods, just like, back in old days. has a wide range of natural cookware products from different forms- cast iron, clay, bronze, brass, copper, bamboo, wood, stone. Many more will be added as we widen our network. Some of our best-selling products are Cast Iron Dosa Kallu/Pan, Cast Iron Kadai, Clay Chattis /Biryani Pots, Stone Kalchatty, Bronze Urli.

How did you come up with the idea, what is the story behind

In 2015, a team came together with the vision to bring back a piece of health and traditional living into the modern home. The Village Fair, one of the earliest providers of natural cookware set the ball rolling and established an identity. I was a Co-founder and then continued this movement to form works with craftswomen and men from across the country to bring you the best of natural cookware. We make sure that each item you buy from us is hand crafted/seasoned using traditional methods. also provides a livelihood to dozens of artisans and craftswomen/men who help bring out the best in your cookware. Traditional hand seasoning techniques is a dying art, and we at are doing our best to keep this alive.

Tell us about yourself, what were you doing before this startup?

For the past 20 years I worked in the IT industry handling multiple roles such as Quality, Software Delivery, People Specialist, and Coach before accidentally turning into an entrepreneur a few years back. 

Priya Deepak – Founder of

Where is based out of? Why do you think that is the best place for you? is based out of Kochi, Kerala. We believe in these mantra’s- “Bring Traditions Alive”, “Go local” and “Back to roots”. We have a treasure of natural cookware tapped up in our state and we believe that the start has to be local. believes in this movement and it will spread its wings across the country. 

Bring Traditions Alive, Go local and Back to roots – Slogans believes in

Why do you think modern kitchens should have more authentic natural cookware when alternative options seem to be more convenient?

We ensure the source of food products used for cooking are the best, it is also important to know the cookware in which you are cooking, so choosing good quality healthy natural cookware is important. Also to add:

  • Modern cookware has Synthetic non-stick coatings which are toxic whereas natural cookware enhances health
  • Modern cookware does not enhance taste where as natural cookware locks the flavours and gives the original flavours to food.
  • Low quality & cheap; needs to replaced often where as natural cookware are permanent asset and passed on generations
  • Helps to revive the dying art of making seasoning and natural cookware giving job opportunities for many.
  • Last but not the least the nostalgia of using the natural cookware which was used back in olden days by your loved ones.
Core of – Women groups who handcraft the products

The artisans and craftsmen/women are a big part of, tell us more about their contribution works directly with manufacturers and artisans to source the finest raw materials to ensure quality , resulting in high performance natural cookware that will last you a lifetime.

The magic touch of an experienced hand is hard to find these days. Every piece of cookware has been crafted by workers with generations of expertise behind them. This makes sure that you have a seamless experience while using our natural cookware.

Every product that is bought from contributes to the livelihood of crafts(wo)men whose skills are at present undervalued. These are the same skills that enabled us to eat healthy in the past. aims to save these various crafts from extinction and simultaneously help those who deliver these great products. 

What is the biggest misconception people have about natural cookware? What is the reality?

The biggest misconception is that people believe that natural cookware won’t work in their modern kitchens, which is untrue as almost all toxic cookware can be replaced with healthy natural cookware and it is the best for their family.

How do you promote your business? Would you say that in this day and age women are still the primary target consumers?

Facebook is our starting point and then we moved to selling on our website. We built our relationship with our customers by providing the best natural cookware. Our story spread through word of mouth and we built our influencers in every home we stepped in. We have remained organic in our effort to spread the message. Instagram is also our new window and we see a great surge of followers and users there as well. We feel that we have good number of men followers too but agree that women are the influencers.

Tell us about your team and how you met each other?

My mother and I own this enterprise but it is effortlessly run by my small team and seasoning self help women group.

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