HyperGo: delivering during crucial times

Hypergo is an idea that sprouted during lockdown to help people overcome the difficulties of the pandemic. It is local delivery company that delivers both groceries and medicines at your doorstep. With over 2000 customers in the first month of the pandemic, it is true to say that it has made life easier for a bunch of people.

Tell us about HyperGo?

hyperGO is a hyperlocal delivery/e-commerce company devoted towards delivering the best service at your doorstep, and we have joined hands to fight the Covid-19 battle. The parent company Hyperthink Technologies LLP, has launched hyperGO, an online platform for delivery of pharmaceutical items and groceries (including vegetables and meat) at your doorstep, in Kochi. Customers can now order pharmaceutical items and groceries through WhatsApp and over the phone. Hyperthink Technologies, founded by Tahseen Amin and Anto Patrex also has a mobile app, which can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.  

What made you start your startup and what problem does it solve?

Online Pharmacy
Customers can order medicines by sending their doctor’s prescription (for prescription medicines). As soon as the company receives an order, a dedicated team will verify the orders and send them to the pharmacy, where it will be billed. The delivery executive of the company will then deliver medicines at the given address. The customers can either pay online or pay cash on delivery. According to the company, it has received orders from more than 2000 customers in the first month.

Online Grocery
On the other hand we are selling groceries, vegetables, fish and meat in an innovative manner where the customer has an option to book a ‘hyperGO truck’ through the mobile app allowing customers to pick and choose all their items at their doorstep without even going to the grocery store. Our trucks scheduled at different intervals of time in a day will have all the necessary vegetables, fish, meat and groceries. In this model we bring the store to the customer. The customer can also book their items through the conventional manner via our app by pre-booking the items they need. Customer also has an option to give custom orders through the App.  

Kerala goes under lockdown, has HyperGo experienced an increase in its users?

We are trying to deliver necessary items to as many needed customers as fast as possible during the time of COVID -19 outbreak. We give customers a discounted rate on every operation so that they can afford it at the time of emergency. As a social cause, we are not expecting any profit from delivering medicines in the current situation. We have also taken extra precautions when delivering the orders. Our delivery executives are trained and maintain proper hygiene. All the items are sanitized before delivery and also gloves, masks and sanitizers are to be used by the delivery executive on each delivery.  

Where is your startup based out of? Why do you think that is the best place for you?

Kochi, Srinagar and Bangalore

Who are your competitions and how are you different from them?

1Mg and neteds which are online medicine delivery companies. They all have their own medicine inventory whereas we connect with various pharmacies locally to meet customer needs.

Have you faced challenges to manage logistics?

We have an good team of volunteers and also employees who manage delivery throughout the city.

What are the ways you ensure your customer’s satisfaction?

We provide the essentials on time without any delay as well as try to ensure that all the necessary items are in stock.

Have you raised funding? If yes, then we would like to know the details

We are looking forward to raise investments.

Do your delivery boys face problems while doing their work? How do you tackle some of the problems?

Order cancellations are minimized with the help of our software tools and delivery management system. We have a firm back end and a good customer support system.

Tell us about your team and how did you meet each other?

Both the founders Tahseeen Amin and Anto Patrex are friends from college and they both graduated from St.Joseph’s College of Engineering and Technology, Pala in the year 2019. They started the company during the time of COVID-19 so that everyone will get their essentials at the correct time. This platform has helped over 2000+ customers in the first month of the pandemic. 

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