KANs HUB: Making Wandoor Work Together

Why are unable to think clearly when we are in the middle of a chaotic crowd, even though all the thinking happens inside our head? Why do we feel more creative when we are in a silent room surrounded by the most inspiring objects? Our thoughts are influenced by our external environment, and the place where we work decides the quality of our product. Being surrounded by a motivated group of individuals provides that extra threshold energy required to think out of the box and create wonders. The right environment brings a fine touch to our art.

In this era where people live as digital nomads, a co-working space comes as bliss. Here is an MBA graduate who realized the need for an apt place to work, here in his hometown, and came up with his project to help others like him searching for such the right workspace.

In conversation with Naseef Rahim, whose brainchild KANs HUB brings together the aesthetic and comfortable workspace that one yearns for, in the town of Wandoor, in Malappuram.

Could you brief us about yourself, your background, and your previous ventures?

My name is Naseef Rahim and I am the founder of KANs HUB. I am from Wandoor – Malappuram Dt. I did my schooling in Saudi Arabia and I’m an MBA graduate from Limkokwing University, Malaysia. By profession, I am a Global Sales Manager. Currently, I work for an IT Company in Calicut. Formerly, I was working for an IT Company in Bangalore. 

Tell us the tale behind starting KANs HUB. When did you start the co-working space and how has the journey been so far?

KANs HUB was started 3 years back in June 2017. When we started, it was a whole new concept for the Malappuram district. We were to start from the awareness stage and it was very difficult to approach the right audience. Also, we were demotivated by people who said this wouldn’t work in Malappuram or specifically Wandoor!

We didn’t step back. We did a market research in Wandoor and collected people’s feedback (from the right audience). We realized the scope and started the construction phase. While construction was going on we got our first client and that boosted our energy in the construction phase itself.

First year was a little hard, to fill the space since the market was in the awareness stage. We then focused on the marketing side. But from second year onwards the market was aware of the office space in Wandoor and we started getting inquiries even without any deep marketing.

Could you brief us about the services that you provide?

We provide fully furnished office space along with a meeting room, customer lounger, pantry, office staff, and wifi services for individuals and organizations looking for an apt space to grow their business.

Give us a sneak-peak into some highlights of your journey. What are some of the success stories from KANs HUB.

Since two years of its inception, KANs HUB has been fully occupied. Now, we are in a position to create employment opportunities in different domains. We also got featured in the television media and a few other pages and that has been an acknowledgement of our success and a further boost to our growth.

Could you tell us about your client group. What are their usual niches?

Our clients come from a variety of groups, ranging from freelencers, small businesses, startups and established busineses looking for branch offices. We have clients working in various industries including IT, Consulting, Architects, Designs, Events, etc.

What are some initiatives that you take to provide a more friendly working space and to develop healthy relationships between your clients.

All of our clients are youngsters and are like minded. So things are easy to communicate. Our rent is really affordable and other services like cleaning, and wifi is free here. We have a WhatsApp group where we take suggestions and feedback from our clients. They come up with their ideas on conducting events and we always welcome such initiatives.

We are a family here. A problem here is taken up by us very actively and everyone takes care of the premise as their own. As such our maintenance cost is very low.

What are your future plans for KANs HUB?

We are building a community now and since a lot of inquiries are coming up and the space being completely occupied, we are thinking of expanding our space to accommodate our potential clients.

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