Cafes in Kerala You Should Check Out!

Over the years there has been a mushrooming of cafes in Kerala. The youth and the elderly alike enjoy spending time in cafes. Whether it involves working on a project or reading a good book, cafes have become the most convenient location. There are many unique cafes all around the state that work with different cuisines and interior layouts making the whole café experience much more than just food and interaction. The café culture which is the term used to describe the traditions and social relations surrounding coffee consumption has taken a new turn in Kerala with the increase in the number of cafes. Kerala Insider has put together a list of some unique and trendy Cafes in Kerala that has been attracting a lot of attention!

Kashi Art Café (@kashiartcafe)

Kashi Art Café is one of the most famous art cafes in Kerala, situated in the beautiful Fort Kochi, it is a café that is sought out by foreigners and locals alike. They are known for their ambience and good food. Whether you just want to kick back and relax with a cup of coffee and a good book or have conversations with friends and travelers, Kashi Art Café is the place for you. If you’re heading to Fort Kochi, you should plan your trip with a stop at this café and you won’t regret it.

Kadalas Café (@kadalas.tastytales)

Set near the beach in Calicut, Kadalas Café has the most astonishing view of the sands and sea as you munch on your food. They are best known for their ambience and interior which makes the place unique and fun. Whether you’re planning for a nice evening meal or a quick brunch, Kadalas is the place to go. If you’re in Calicut city and looking for a dine in, Kadalas would be a splendid option!

Gudhaam Art Café (@gudhaam)

Art Cafes bring together the love for art and food and much more into one place. You could place your order and walk around the art gallery that exhibits works of many artists from Kerala. The cafe has an exhibit for antiques which is also very interesting. The cuisine served at the Café is also unique and worth trying out. Gudhaam Art Café is located in Gujarathi street in Kozhikode, making it accessible and convenient for most people in the city to visit.

Café Sarwaa (@cafesarwaa)

Café Sarwaa based in Trivandrum is one of the best open-air cafes there is. With the right ambience and a well-planned sit-out, the café becomes the perfect place to spend a nice cozy evening with friends and family. If you’re in Trivandrum and on the look out for cafes, checking out Café Sarwaa would be a great option!

Sixth Avenue Cafe (@sixth_avenue_cafe)

Another beautiful café in Calicut with gorgeous interior that makes every angle look like it has been set for a photograph. The café is known for their pastries and good food and definitely has one of the finest white sauce dishes in the city. A look at their Instagram page and all the lovely array of food and pastries, it wouldn’t be surprising if you set out to get something for yourself right that moment.

Cocoa Tree Café (

Cocoa Tree Café in Kochi is yet another beautiful café that has a globally inspired menu and a very calm and serene atmosphere. With plants and a spacious layout, the café is a perfect place for a quick brunch or a long conversation with a friend over a cup of nice coffee. Located in Panampilly nagar, it is at a pretty convenient location for anyone wanting to stop by.

Tonico Café (@tonicocafe)

Tonico café has branches in Chalakkudy-Angamaly Highway, Kochi and Kottayam. The café offers really good coffee made from Arabica coffee beans. Tonico café is definitely the best place to unwind and chit chat while you hangout with friends and family. With three outlets, they are well known and are a trusted brand among Keralites !

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