Top Web Series in Malayalam

Over the past years, we have seen the growth of sitcoms and romcoms as a massive hit in the entertainment industry. Online streaming platforms like Netflix and Hotstar saw an unexpected growth trajectory, and Youtube started seeing a soar in the number of web series released at the tip of your fingers, free of cost. Regional languages have started improving their online presence, and we saw specific platforms gain their momentum and grow exponentially.

The rise of Malayalam web series has been commendable, and people are often confused by the wide variety of genres for the eye captivating dramas.

With the lockdown imposed and other activities limited, now is the best time to binge Malayalam web series on Youtube. Here is a list of the most popular and streamed web series from Malayalam.

Thera Para

Thera Para tells the tale of four friends George, Shambhu, Lolan, and Shibu, who find themselves bubbling with ambitions and ideas but without a stable job. It portrays the real-time problems these youngsters face and how they get over their challenges in life. Currently nearly seven million subscribers on youtube; this Malayalam series helped Karikku become one of the most dominant players in the online entertainment industry of Malayalam.

Plus Two Class

The final year in high school is memorable for most, and in solitude, we spend our time reminiscing our days with a great lot. The series depicts many teenagers savoring their last days in school before they are ready to face the real world and the challenges ahead. With a rush of dopamine from the funny incidents, get ready to roll some tears as the drama bring back memories, and you lose yourself to the pages of nostalgia.

Rock Paper Scissors

What troubles can one get into when they live a life outside of their home, with a gang of crazy friends? The days you savor your freedom and learn to manage yourself without support, the days you know to react to the world. Rock Paper scissors bring you the tale of three girls living together in an apartment and the chronicles that follow them. Young minds bubbling with enthusiasm, chased by emotions, shall take you to your days well spent with a group you vibe with.

Love ETC

A young heart is a heart that can easily fall for love. The feeling of being with the person who makes the moment unique for you is a blessing in itself. The story follows a couple diagnosed with the incredible disease of love and how they deal with all the things that come as a repercussion of their emotions and actions. The romantic drama shall unravel the life beyond love and get your hearts moving with the storyline.


Another epic package from the Karikku family, this Malayalam comedy web series, has crossed the benchmark set by its predecessors from the production house. Following the life of a few young aspiring men with dreams, this is a comedy package, and the relatability of the story connects and engages the audience more, winning our hearts and scoring our laughs.

I Promise RIA

A relationship demands sacrifices and deals. They strengthen the bond and sometimes break the fragile ones too. As the name hints, I Promise RIA is a tale of love, with elements woven into a colorful story. Following the story of three friends, this online Malayalam web series delves into the different shades of a relation. With excellent chemistry between the actors, the series successfully captures the raw emotions and is a go-to choice for all romance genre lovers.


From a sample space of romance and light comedy, Janaki stands out from the pool as a stellar thriller from 11th Hour Productions. As part of their project Ugly Things, a anthology of short flicks, Janaki will belong to the genre of black; the series has captured viewers’ attention for the excellent plot. With just three episodes rolled out, the series received a wide positive reception from the fans, waiting for the launch of the next episode. The series stands out for having an excellent IMDB rating in the pool of the best Malayalam Web series.

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