Best backpackers hostels in Kerala.

Best Backpackers Hostels in Kerala

Backpacking trips are quite fun and exciting, given that you get to explore various places in the best possible manner. Especially if you are backpacking through Kerala, which has its natures touch to it. However, with backpacking, there are certain restrictions on financial constraints and other resources that need to be taken care of. 

Best backpackers hostels in Kerala.

There are several backpackers hostels in Kerala that would help you out indefinitely and ensure that you have the best accommodation possible for a fraction of the cost. 

Different backpackers hostels in Kerala

The below-given hostels are segregated based on the city and region in Kerala. Choosing any of them from the ones given below will ensure sustainable living with the best accommodation features. Take a look. 

The Lost Hostels

The hostel is well accommodated offers all the necessary amenities to ensure sustainable living. Every room is fitted with a kitchen and washroom with cars/bikes available for hire.

The lost hostel

It’s received raving reviews for it has to offer and located 3 minutes away from the Varkala cliff. The cost per night is 699 rupees per person (inclusive of all taxes and additional charges) exclusive of food charges. 

The Lungi Vibe

The lungi vibe happens to be one of the best backpackers hostels in Kerala that offers surplus facilities such as WIFI and restaurants for guests to din-in. There are rental bicycle services and located 1.1 kilometers away from Varkala cliff.

The lungi Vibe

The rooms are well-furnished, offering an attached kitchen and bathrooms. The staff are friendly and speak all language. The per-night cost is 250 rupees exclusive of all charges. 

Funky art beach house. 

The hostel is located right on the beach shores, and it’s quite a relaxed and serene atmosphere. The rooms are cute, with ample designs and cozy nature. The food provided here is quite tasty, packing local flavors and ingredients.

Funky art beach house

The entire building is fun and lively with artsy drawings and gardens with pets. There are seaside facing rooms with both AC and non-AC options. The cost per night is 600 rupees, inclusive of taxes. Dining and other services are charged additionally. 

Zostel Alleppey

The hostel accommodation provided by Zostel in Alleppey happens to be one of the best backpackers hostels in Kerala destinations ever. It’s quite affordable at 600 rupees per night but offers a wide range of facilities including Wi-Fi and free toiletries.

Furthermore, the rooms are shared with bunk beds, and there are private bathrooms and restaurants as well. It’s highly rated by travelers on different sites.  

Piggy Hostel

Located almost 200m from Varakala cliff, Piggy hostel is quite the hostel provided you are looking for great amenities and a couples friendly hostel. The rooms are quite spacious with attached bathrooms. Almost all the major locations are close by and within a 50-kilometer radius.

Piggy Hostel

The hostel does have a restaurant but the charges vary on the different package they offer. The charge per night for a single person is 491 rupees per room. However, if you share the room, then price can go as low as 191 rupees. 

Thus, through the above-given options, you can have the best possible stays from anyone of the backpacker’s hostels in Kerala, making it quite a memorable experience. But the things that you need to look out for are the amenities where you get the basics of things to ensure a sustainable living affair. 

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