Paro’s Couture: Crafting the Way Ahead

We grew up listening to the proverb, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. It is a subject of marvel: how the need compels you to take up tasks that once you thought were impossible. You defy all odds and rise up to the situation, only to discover an unraveled mystery in your skillsets. Down the road, you are grateful for that one need that helped you find your niche.

Here is a brilliant designer, who found her tryst with fashion when the absence of a designer boutique for her dress on ‘the day’ motivated her to start a label of her own. In conversation with Parvathy Vineesh, whose brainchild Paro’s Couture gives you the perfect combination of comfort and fashion in her line of linen clothing.

Photo by PARO'S COUTURE on September 01, 2020. Image may contain: 1 person, closeup.

Could you give us a glimpse of the tale behind the name, Paro’s Couture, and your motive to start this venture?

I wanted to start a clothing line that stood out from the vast plethora of options that are made available to the customers with the mushrooming of boutiques and designer shops.

Couture in a French word that translates to “sewing,” but it has come to indicate the business of designing, creating, and selling custom-made, women’s clothes. In couture, one can unravel a unique world of dressing, curated by craftsmen with their elegant skillset. Hence came the word Couture for my line of clothing. Paro comes from my name Parvathy. Thus was born, Paro’s Couture.

When did it occur to you that you had a passion for designing clothes?

The idea of starting a bridal boutique of my own was conceived during my own wedding. In the search of a perfect wear for my big day, eleven years ago, I ended up being disappointed at the absence of a designer boutique with unique works. So, I rose up to the situation and ended up designing my wedding wear. I got it tailored according to my specific designs and the end product was the outfit that I had imagined myself to be in on the big day. Since then, I designed my own outfits for all the functions. With time, my passion for designing only grew stronger. And years down the line, here I am, with a boutique of my own. That passion is what drove me to Paro’s Couture.

Photo by PARO'S COUTURE on July 01, 2020. Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and shoes.

Where do you derive inspiration for your designs?

When I wanted to start my own label, the first thing I did was to travel around. I also did a market study on fashion, whose conclusions helped me with my venture. I met a lot of designers, from around India, whose workes inspired me, and the designs I create.

Your line of fashion mostly comprises linen clothing. Why did you choose this over the remaining for your venture? 

From the beginning, I wanted to be unique and create my own little niche. I wanted a clothing line whose products are comfortable, classy, and unique. Linen is the most sustainable wear for everyone. So I wanted to design and make patterns in linen.

Photo by PARO'S COUTURE on September 17, 2019.

Could you give us a quick tour of the process that goes behind the product delivery, right from the initial interaction with the customers?

When a customer gives us an order, our team helps them find the right design and pattern. We also customize outfits at their request. And then, the product goes for stitching and once the attire is perfected, we dispatch. All our products have worldwide delivery.

Do you have a project that you would consider the most challenging, that helped you grow more as an artist?

I have worked with a lot of actors and directors. Each of the tasks was challenging and unique and those made me grow and shaped a better designer in me. All these experiences shape a good artist.

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How do you reach out to your customers? Where is your boutique based?

We mainly reach out to customers through our very interactive social media handles. We keep updating about our latest designs and collaborations. We also conduct exhibitions all over India, to reach out to a maximum number of people.

Our boutique is based at Vyttila, Kochi

Your work is an amalgamation of both traditional and modern attires. As an artist, do you have your preferred niche?

We don’t stick to any particular design or fashion. We do both traditional and modern outfits and they are equally received by our customers. There is no particular niche.

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