AI-based Neuroplex is using machine learning to empower surveillance system


Neuroplex Pvt Ltd is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that was founded in 2018. It mainly specializes in Computer Vision & Natural Language Processing. The founders ,Savio and Pranoy, are technological enthusiasts who met in college and joined hands to begin the start-up. Neuroplex’s ‘Eyes Age’ garnered appreciation and attention; this software platform took surveillance to the next level with its acute search feature, real-time alerts and face recognition. It now provides its services mainly in the Oil and Gas sector. Let’s know more about AI and Neuroplex from co-founder Savio Victor.


Can you briefly explain to our readers the concept of AI.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science of making intelligent machines where they exhibit cognitive behaviour. They possess the ability to think and adapt to situations, much like living organisms. 


What are the practical applications of AI? 

There are numerous applications of AI. These include self driving car, language translation, and the list goes on.


Neuroplex’s Surveillance Software


Now a days we hear a lot about, AI, machine learning and deep learning. Can you please explain the link and the difference between the three? 

AI, being the superset, has Machine Learning as a subset.

Machine Learning gives computers the ability to develop algorithms on their own without being explicitly programmed. It learns from a lot of data.

Deep learning is a specialized approach of machine learning in which neural networks (having taken inspiration from how the brain works) are used.


What does your company Neuroplex do in the AI industry? 

We do Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. With the advent of Deep Learning, these two fields have seen tremendous improvement. 


What are your products and/or services and its practical application? 

Our product ‘Eyes Age‘ is a software platform that uses Machine Learning to empower existing CCTV cameras with autonomous capabilities. It can understand the relationship between objects in a scene via Computer Vision. 

The search feature, which is one of the main innovative features of our product,  enables the user to search within videos using queries such as ‘man wearing a blue shirt’.  This reduces video review time from hours to minutes or even seconds. It is also capable of performing search using Face Recognition that only requires a single reference photograph. 

Eyes Age provides real-time alerts in case of incidents such as accidents, fights, theft, etc. 

It can also derive insights from the otherwise untapped wealth of video data which can be used to redesign processes & workflows in various use cases. 


Services provided by Neuroplex


You have been the co-founder of companies of different domains before Neuroplex. So, what piqued you interest to venture into AI space?

There were various things that I tried out during my college days, which never really worked out. However, I was able to learn a lot from those and had gained considerable experience in venturing different possibilities in technology. 

Being a computer science person and a technology enthusiast, I was headed towards AI which got me to the current place. Otherwise too, owing to the boom, it would turn out that AI would have found me eventually.


Neuroplex is based out of Trivandrum, Kerala. How much do you think the place has influence in the growth of your company?

With the surfacing of immense technological developments in Kerala, things have definitely changed in the capital as well. Due to organisations like the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM), the startup ecosystem in Trivandrum has considerably strengthened. With the tech industry here evolving rapidly, Trivandrum does facilitate a quality environment to its startups. Tech or startup centered events happening in the district and state levels have made networking easy and also with the possibility of more, getting access to talent is not an issue too. These events would also help us keep in check with the startup culture we dwell in, technical advancements and even our competitors. So we think this place has lots to offer and that we shouldn’t be facing any issues with regard to where we are based out of. 


 Which industries/ sectors are your major customers? How are users/ customers responding to AI and its products? 

The Oil and Gas sector is what we serve mainly. And it was a burning problem for them. They are really happy about the solution we have offered. 


Neuroplex signs an agreement with Indian Oil Corporation


Have you raised funding? If yes, then we would like to know the details. If no then please tell us if you’re looking to raise? 

We have raised funding in the form of a grant from the Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL). We are planning to raise a seed round in the near future. 


How do you become an expert or learn AI? What are the job prospects for those who want to pursue this as their career?, Machine Learning Mastery and are 3 portals one could look up to learn and advance in AI. But beyond that you become a true expert by rapidly experimenting and doing.

As every industry out there is adopting Artificial Intelligence, the job prospects are bigger than ever.


Tell us a little bit about your team members and how did you all meet?

We are a team of 6 currently. Pranoy and I met during our college days. Being passionate about technology and entrepreneurship, we decided to start something of our own. Once we fixed on our field of expertise, we got Vysakhan in, who studied in the same college as us; and is the Product Architect of the company. A while into the functioning of the company, Aaron came to intern with us and later we took him in as Machine Learning Engineer after his graduation was done with. He brought along his friend Siddharth, who is our Full Stack Developer. Short while after that we hired Malavika, who we found via our connections, and she looks into the Operations of the company.


Members of the Neuroplex Team


What are the future plans for your company? 

We plan to onboard 12,000 cameras into our platform by next year. We are also striving to become one of the leading market players in computer vision.


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