The Hands Behind Her Looks: ReshmaRavi’s Makeovers

The breathtaking look of a bride for her special day is incomplete without the wonderful works by the trained hands that add the magical touch to her beauty. The meticulous planning for a wedding involves brainstorming sessions with the designers and artists over the right design and shades for her day’s look.

Here is a make-up artist from Kochi transforming brides with her venture ReshmaRavi’s Makeovers. Her portfolio shows collaborations with established designer boutiques in Kerala and the projects she has undertaken portray the perfection of her works. In conversation with Reshma Ravi about her journey from graphic designing to makeovers. Her tale is the sheer depiction of how the happiness seen on the face of customers can change the direction of your career, where you give up on the monotonicity of a boring job to pursue what you love.

Tell us about yourself, your background, and your previous ventures. 

Myself, Reshma Ravi, an aspiring artist, trying hard to build up the brand, ReshmaRavi’s Makeover. By profession, I am a makeup artist. I completed my graduation from RLV College, Tripunithura. I was a graphic designer before I went into makeovers.

Could you brief us about ReshmaRavi’s Makeovers? When did you decide that you wanted to do makeovers full time?

ReshmaRavi’s Makeover was started in 2017 as a small venture.  I get immense happiness making someone look pretty,  and that happiness made me push forward and make it a full-time profession.  Later on, I tinkered about making this a brand. As they say, the ladder to success is not really easy, it was hard to survive in the beginning as there were many big players with their established empire.  But the dream of turning my venture into a brand pushed me forward to reach where I am now. 

The days are such that people are taking organic products into their list, to avoid a potential side effect. How do you ensure that the products provide the best experience?

It’s very true that people are very much bothered about their skin and hair . There are so many products available in the market . We trust in established international products which have been already proved . We use the best products available in the market to make sure our clients get the best experience. For me more than a profession I find happiness and enjoyment in what I do , so taking a test with the process is not at all acceptable to me . 

What are the services that you provide? Tell us about your most sought after make-overs.

We provide all type of makeovers but we specialize in bridal makeovers and mainly for engagements. We provide celebrity makeovers too.

Tell us about a few projects that you have done so far, that is really close to your heart.

Every one of my projects is close to my heart. The projects that I have done with brands like Laksyah By Kavya Madhavan,  Defab, By Hand, Mihara, Linen Square,  Manikyam Jewelry do stand out from the list.

Do you have a role model in this profession, someone that you look up to for your designs/looks?

I don’t have a particular person who I look forward to. Each and every person in this profession inspire me, with their own style and uniqueness.

Since you specialize in this niche, tell us about the entire process for a bridal makeover, right from the customer approach to the final look of the bride.

Each and every bride is different,  and now a days people have a lot of opportunities to find out what they want.  I listen to their requirements, and if in any cases I doubt if the particular style suggested by the client doesn’t suit,  I request them to do a trial so that we can confirm on any styles. Bridal makeover for me is a 3 hour process. It’s not just applying something on their skin, understanding their skin tone is really important. 

Do you have a team that supports you? Tell us about them. How did you meet each other?

Yes , I have a wonderful team that supports me . It’s not just team , they are family to me . I have not gone for a recruitment,  the team I have has come to me either for learning purposes or for clearing doubts . So it was handpicked by me after seeing their eagerness to learn and understand things .

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