Kerala couple wins 3.3 crores jackpot during wedding anniversary – how did they do it?

The big win!

It is often said that good luck relies on absolutely good timing. This proved to be extremely true for Mr. & Mrs. Shaji Mathew from Kerala. The couple made a fortune by winning a massive 3.3 crore Indian rupees on their wedding anniversary on Jan 19, 2021. Indeed, they couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary gift.

Still struggling to comprehend the vast fortune of his win, Shaji exclaimed “Actually when I first saw the amount, I thought it was 33 Lakhs. It wasn’t until later when I was told that it was an 8-Digit Number, so it’s actually 3.3 crore!”

The winning couple has invested the money into a joint account. They plan to use some money for their children’s education fund. The big win will also enable the couple to finish the build of the new house they plan to move in next year.

How did they do it?

Shaji spun his way to the jackpot on the Atlantis Casino game – a simple underwater theme online slot game. Shaji had played this luck based game on the increasingly popular online portal called Lottoland. Shaji attributes the win to consistency. His advice to Indian players is that one needs to keep playing and if luck is on your side, you will definitely win a huge jackpot.

Lottoland is one of the world’s leading online lottery and casino providers. Lottoland has witnessed a rapidly growing customer base in the last few months. As per a Lottoland representative, prize wins have also recently seen a spike in Asia. 

Different ways to win prizes and jackpots

Traditionally, physical lottery and casinos have been a popular way for interested players to try their luck. With the world moving forward with digital transformation, these luck based games have transitioned to the online mode as well. Online casino games allow you to play an electronic version of popular casino games such as baccarat, slots, poker, blackjack and roulette. 

Indians love to play games that are closer home. Teen Patti, Andar Bahar and bollywood based games have become increasingly popular among Indian players. Many Indian players have won exciting prizes and jackpots from these games which keeps them hooked to these games.

Online slots are absolutely based on luck. Once you know what buttons to press, all you can really do is hope that the symbols will line up in a way that you win some money. You cannot do anything to affect the machine. Just cross your fingers and hope. Slot machines are fun to play, whether you win or lose!

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