Kunju’s Rolling in with Jam

What could be so special about a jam roll? Don’t we have all varieties of desserts and sweets available in our little Kerala, What is all the buzz around something as ordinary as a jam roll?

Kunju Asan and his Bakery

Kunju’s Jam Rolls is a delicacy that takes people down memory lane. It was a recipe designed by Kunju Asan 80 years ago. This jam roll was so famous that later on his son branded the Kunju’s Jam Roll. Kunju Asan founded Kunju’s Jam Rolls in 1931, he was not only a businessmen but is known for being an extremely caring and considerate man. He made sure his products were made from organic produce and employed people from the local community.

Kunju Asan- Founder

Kunju Asan found himself in Colombo, Srilanka where he learnt how to bake. On returning he worked at a Bakery in Chennai. He was soon drawn back to his homeland, Thrissur, where his skill of baking wouldn’t have earned him a living during those times. Kunju Asan set up his bakery called SAC Bakery in Kanjirapally. The bakery is now managed by members of the Kunju family.

SAC Bakery – The place from where it all started

The Pineapple Jam Roll

The jam rolls which were originally to be made with pineapple, as that was the fruit he had in abundance. This became quite the hit among his customers leading to the bakery’s popularity. The jam rolls were made in a traditional oven called the ‘borma’; it was wood fired using coconut shells, which was part of the Kunju household as well. K.K Kunju’s Jam rolls has a store in Kochi and its online delivery is exceptional, delivering all over India.  

Delicacies you find at Kunju’s Jam Rolls

Pineapple jam rolls and strawberry jam rolls are both available at Kunju’s, alongside the jam rolls there is a variety of other pastries including Bolo de coco (a coconut cake which is popular in the Southern region of the United States), Lemon Paste, Chocolate brownie and Cookies in cashew, banana, chocolate, masala and other flavors.

Philosophy at Kunju’s Jam Rolls

At Kunju’s Jam Rolls, they believe in making and delivering food which is not only tasty but healthy, nourishing and delicious. They use mostly local recourses as per global standards. Kunju was someone who believed in ‘gift culture’, he was proud to say that “I am the son of a man who always gave coconut water for any passer asking for drinking water”.

Kunju’s Jam roll has the right ingredients of a successful business like quality, ethics, customer satisfaction and affordability. It is an inspiring story on how a generations of business can be done with just passion and dedication.

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