Kerala Flea Markets 2019 – All set to brighten this Christmas


Flea markets are the perfect opportunity for getting a variety of products at one single destination. It allows sellers of handmade products, various food items (especially pastry), clothing etc to put up stalls and promote their businesses. Nowadays fleas are not only a destination for shopping but it also includes musical events and other entertainments. It gifts its visitors with a good evening for socializing. Many bands and artists perform at flea markets; this creates a beautiful and great ambiance for the shoppers.

There is no better time to make merry than the month of December and there is always so much cheer and happiness this time of the year. Recently the culture of Christmas fleas have gained popularity and there are many flea markets being organized for the Christmas holidays in different parts of the state. These market places give many online business ventures and talented artisans a chance to get closer to their customers.


Clothing Stalls at fleas


Variety of Unique and Niche Products


There are always a wide variety of products at flea markets from homemade jams, wines and squashes to designer clothing and footwear. It is notable that fleas immensely cater to the sweet tooth of people as there are, without fail, quite a few pastry and bakery vendors at every flea. There are also organic natural skincare available at the fleas; these counters attract a lot of young women. The flea markets are also seen to have wide range of clothing and footwear, beard oils, baby clothing and what not!

Orange Marmalades by Handmadewithlove


Organic Skincare Products by Sugarmyylove are a flea favourite


Fleas set to happen this month


On Flea.k

On Flea.k is organizing yet another flea market called Femme Fair in association with Vanitha. The flea is set to take over Kochi on the 21st and 22nd of December from 3-10pm at Bristow Ground, Willingdon Island, Kochi. The Femme Fair is gearing up for 2 days of fun-filled shopping, music and entertainment.

A lady putting mehendi at a On Flea.k flea

All Things Bright

Set to happen on the 7th and 8th of December, All Things Bright is all about the Christmas market.  The venue for the flea will be the Kaloor Stadium Ground in Kochi. The events for 2 days will also include a Music Festival with the Groove band performing on the 7th along with other artists.

Santa’s little Market

This is yet another interesting flea market being organized to promote the Christmas feeling. It will take place on the 14th and 15th of December at the Lakeview Ground SH College. It is being curated by the Salt ‘n’ Light Concept Store in Kochi.

The Calicut Flea Market

The people of Calicut are always in for evenings of shopping and socializing. The third edition of the Calicut Flea Market will be happening on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of December at the PVK Grounds in Calicut and will include lots of shopping and entertainment.


The Christmas Markets are in vogue and there would be plenty happening near you. Kochi and Calicut have the most popping and exciting flea markets thanks to the reception it has been gaining from its people in recent years. Trivandrum’s first flea market called Olam, which is now known under the name Olam Festival, also organizes many events. Don’t miss the chance to spend an evening in good ambiance and do a whole lot of interesting shopping this Christmas Season.


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