Growth Route Interactive Partnerships GRIP – A platform for startups to network and collaborate


For startups, entrepreneurs and new ventures networking and collaboration is as important as attaining funds and skilled talents. Networking and supportive collaboration is an effective, inexpensive and proven method to grow, and expand your business.

Growth Routes Interactive Partnerships (GRIP) is an event based on this ideology.  Empowered by the renowned startup Joboy, the event aims to create a social networking and collaboration platform for entrepreneurs, students and startups in cities. A common space to get in-touch with potential partners and to spark collaborations. This event focuses on creating a good business culture and building sustainable business models with support of each one who attends the events. The team will identify the requirements of each attendee and will find the right resource in the community to cater those requirements.

This event will be held every month at one of the cafes in the city early in the morning with about 40 attendees and thereafter workshops on various topics.


                                                                                                    Ganesh Raj – Mad Genius Productions


The basic outline of the event will be –

Networking session for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

Mentoring and grooming session for students

Interactive session with speakers from different industries



Event Launch

The event was launched on 17th November, 2018 at Vibee Café, Kakkanad.


“Everyone knows something you don’t”


Ganesh Raj – Mad Genius Productions

Moosa Mehar – Tinker Hub

Ramesh P V – Varma Homes

Gopi Krishnan – ML Developer

The event opened with networking session for startups and entrepreneurs, ensued by mentoring and grooming. The event commenced with an interactive session with the panel of speakers who shared their expertise.

Topics for the Panel Discussion:

What are the difficulties the startups effectively experience at this point

Is there a general hesitation for collaboration? If so why?

Aspects to be considered on working together

How can we create an ecosystem that doesn’t discriminate but rather supports



Be it in business or life, we should always be aware that there is always someone who knows something a pinch better. The key is to identify and know how to make the best out of it.


A great initiative by the young and talented start up entrepreneurs at Kakkanad. Few minds have worked together to join the others to share their expertise,novelty and business ventures to make it grow further. As a panelist and consultant to the group it was a refreshing course for me too to interact share my experience and advise them how to make their dreams success. Grip a conclave of this nature will certainly be a  strong grip in the coming years. – Ramesh P.V , Varma Homes

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