Fresh Fish Retailers in Kerala

Fishing is a major economy in the State of Kerala thanks to its coastal areas. Its fishing industry has had the strength and determination to withstand several of the crisis it had to face. The culture and methods of selling fish has changed over time along with the development of fishing techniques. Fish has always been an important part of a Malayalee’s meal thanks to the varied and tasty fishes available to them. Kollam is one of the most important fishing centers of Kerala, Neendakara being the most important fishing village.

A lady selling fish at the market

How the Methods of Selling Fish has Evolved

Fish was sold until very recently through sellers who would bring around fish from fishermen in baskets, calling out loudly as they walk through neighborhoods. With time the sellers began going around in scooters and bikes, blowing horns or announcing their arrivals by calling out loud. There were and also still are small stands near housing colonies where fish is sold in the morning. The way fish is being sold now has taken an improved and efficient form. The trend of fish retailers began to take a climb when there arose the need for unadulterated seafood. Many business men foresaw this need and ways to capitalize this. The release of contaminated fish into the market was a huge threat to consumers, the promise of good and unadulterated fish attracted may buyers into the retail outlets. There are also online applications that deliver fish to your doorstep after the order is placed.

Different Fish Retailers in Kerala

Abad Wild Fish

Wild Fish is a division of Abad fisheries, a branch of the Abad Group. The group is famous for being one of the most trusted Indian exporters of seafood in the world. Wild Fish offers all forms of seafood, from prawns to lobsters and other freshwater fishes. Abad Wild Fish has three different stores at Chullickal, Maradu and Kadavanthra.

A wild fish outlet

Dharmoo’s Fish Hub

Dharmoo’s Fish hub is a venture that Actor Dharmajan Bolgatty began with some of his friends . Dharmajan explains that the decision to begin the fish hub was not sudden but rather well planned, having grown up eating healthy and unadulterated fish, this initiative is directed at making uncontaminated fish available to the people. There are around 16 outlets in Ernakulam. The fishes available at the hub are brought from farms of their own or bought from other farms.

An outlet of Dharmoo’s Fish Hub

Daily Fish

Daily is an online seafood store that promises to deliver fish as ‘As good as live’. The company aims to be a household brand for seafood. The online website offers a wide range of fish like Cab, Shrimps, Prawns, Squid and other freshwater fishes. The app is available on Play Store and Appstore.

Other than these highly talked about fish hubs, there are other popular options for buying fish which includes:

Matha Fresh Fish:

This online fish store has a wide variety of seafood available for its consumers. The online fish and fish product store aims to make sure cooking with fish is hassle free and there is proper management of waste as well.


Another online store and application which sells not only seafood but also poultry and meat, Freshtohome is gaining popularity in Kerala. It offers chemical free produce in excellent packaging.

The developments in the sale of seafood has made life easier for many people, cooking fish is now hassle free and simple. The growth of such outlets also increases business opportunities as well as customer friendly outlets for consumers.

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