Female Beatboxer conquers the art

Ardra Sajan is a young female taking over the world of beatboxing. She started off with mimicry and has come a long way in her path. Ardra learnt the art of beatboxing within a span of 3 months and improved her skill through persistent training and hard work. She is a famous name on Tiktok and also has made appearances in television shows.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Ardhra Sajan and I am an 18 year old plus two student who is a Beatboxer settled in Trivandrum, Kerala. I have been in this field for almost two and half years. I was born in Kerala but brought up for 8 years in the UAE and studied in the Emirates National School,Sharjah . I only discovered my talent when I came to Kerala for my plus one and plus two studies. I discovered it  when I was studying at St. Johns model HSS in Nalanchira, Trivandrum.

When did you find your passion for beat boxing? How did you go about pursuing this passion?

My first stage was during my school’s youth festival. At first I was not a beatboxer. I was actually a mimicry artist who used to imitate film actors, politicians, natural sounds etc.Because of my school teachers and my parents support I was able to participate at the State level School Kalolsavam. Unfortunately I got only a C grade for my performance and this changed my life. At that time I began to think about different things that the girls in Kerala haven’t tried yet. And that was the moment I discovered a YouTube video of Tom Thum who is a worldwide known Beatboxer. I felt really excited to learn a new thing and I worked hard for 3 months to learn beatboxing. I tried varieties of beatboxing and mixed up mimicry and beatboxing for performing in next year’s state Kalolsavam and got A grade by god’s grace. And that’s how I entered into the field of beatboxing. I was selected to to perform in one of the popular talent show in Malayalam television called Comedy Utsavam which gained me popularity, fame and the tag of “Kerala’s first lady beatboxer”.

Did you have any professional training in mimicry or beat boxing?

I have not undergone any professional training. I studied beatboxing in a span of 3 months with the help of YouTube tutorials and developed it by hard work.

You have a huge fan following on TikTok, how do you think it has been instrumental in your growth as a beat boxer?

After performing in Comedy Utsavam, I started an account on Tiktok. One day I posted a video of my beatboxing which went viral with in a week gaining 3 million views and 300k likes. Slowly almost all my videos started getting a huge amount of views and likes and the popular creator tag on Tiktok. For me it is one of the biggest platform to show my talent to the world as an unknown person.

What are the means through which you engage with your fan following?

The main medium that I engage with my followers is Tiktok and also Instagram. Instagram has got me several big events and shows.

How was the experience working with Vidhu Pratap?

I met him during one of the programmes. He liked my performance and called me for his new cover song making. It was the first time in Kerala that beatboxing was fully used for making a cover song. It was a tribute to AR Rahman sir and his song Petta rap was selected as the cover song. It was really a new experience for me working with one of the best playback singers in Malayalam.

Tell us about your family and how have they been a part of your journey?

Mine is a small family including myself, my father ,mother, brother and my grandmother. My family is my support and inspiration. My brother is a rapper who is studying  3rd year Engineering. My father is a speaker who is a media person and also a businessman. My mother is a Malayalam teacher in Sarvodaya Central vidyalaya in Trivandrum and my grandmother is a retired Maths teacher. Their support has always been an encouragement for me to go to the next level of beatboxing.

You have been touted to bethe sole lady beat boxer in the country. How do you feel about this?

Actually I am not the only lady beatboxer in the country I only got the tag because I am the only “known” lady beatboxer in the country because of the active presence in television shows and in social media.There are many lady beatboxers up there trying their level best to come up as an underground artist. As an 18 year old Beatboxer I feel happy because people are really excited to watch and hear my performance.

What are your future plans and goals? Do you intend to make a career out of beat boxing and the music industry?

There are several big projects and events coming up. I recently completed beatboxing track in one movie called “Aaha” starring Indrajith for which music is directed by popular playback singer Sayanora Philip. There is also another movie coming up where the music and BGMs are done by beatboxing. My dream is to work in for Tiktok – Kerala Content Operation sector at the same time develop my talent by performing at several big events and TV shows.

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