Aadithyan Rajesh- Meet the young CEO and tech genius

Aadithyan Rajesh is nothing short of a prodigy. He is young and actively in pursuit of his dreams. Aadithyan was only 9 years old when he made his first app, called Aashirvad. He now heads Trinet Solutions, a software company, based in Dubai. Aadithyan also has a YouTube channel were he posts video tutorials that engages and educates his audience. Let’s hear from him, his journey and his future ambitions.

When did you realise you had a passion for programming? Who was your inspiration?

I was 7 when I started diving into software. Until then, I had a strong passion for technology but never got to tinker with it much. It was when I turned 7, I destroyed my dad’s laptop and everything started.

I wanted to start creating robots like iron man’s jarvis at that time. From there, it was a pretty sweet journey of self-learning CSS, JavaScript, Android, Java,Design,Marketing, and so on.

You developed your first app at the age of 9. What was it about? How was the feeling to achieve something at a very young age. 

It was a simple Web Browser Application called Aashirvad. I never knew making apps was paid and cost a lot in the IT Companies. Instead I thought coding was a child’s play .When I was starting, I was the only person in my family who was into software. I lacked some resources at first, like an uninterrupted internet connection or the right advice on what I should do. 

How many apps have you developed till date? What are some of the current projects you are involved in?

I’ve developed a total of 3 apps till the date. Currently I’m working on a Startup Called Neureno. Neureno is a smartwatch based product that caters to the need of patients suffering from cognitive impairment, such as Dementia and Alzheimer.

Could you tell us about ‘Trinet Solutions’? Who are your team members?

Technically, I cannot register a legal organization because I am a minor. But what I mean by ‘CEO’ in my profile is the idea of an unregistered startup which till date has launched 3 apps on Play Store. I have also completed a few open-source projects back in 2019.

My teammates were a group of 11th graders who wouldn’t want to reveal who they’re.

I wouldn’t be able to comment on how the experience of being a ‘CEO’ has been because I’ve just started. I have only recently begun building things and forming a business out of it. However, I can say that the idea of building and shipping products and projects gets me pumped up.

Tell us a little bit about your YouTube Channel?

I have a Channel called Acraze where I showcase my skills. I started with video tutorials on Designing and now I’m working on making simple coding courses.

How was the experience speaking at a Tedx event?

It wasn’t my first time doing a public talk so I wasn’t nervous :P. But the special thing was that I was speaking in a School which consisted people of my age and above. I was really worried about how they’re going to react, especially my accent.One thing I was really confident was my presentation. I was so sure my presentation was going to attractive with both content and design. I designed it like the Simpsons cartoon character (who’s my favorite) and fortunately everyone gave me positive feedback.  

App developer, vlogger, student; how do you manage work and school activities?

I have the vision to get all billion kids in the world to get into coding and computational thinking by creating videos and engaging with students at workshops. I’ve always felt that if you’re really committed and have the consistency time makes extra time for you. Consider everything rather than your dream as part time work and things shall go accordingly.

Tell us about your family and how have they been a part of your journey?

When I turned 11, I  convinced my parents to send me for open Computer courses. By this age, I had become an expert in JAVA, HTML and other programming languages. And they always back me as I’m a Baby 😛 and show great interest towards the work I do. They show immense trust in me.

What do you want to achieve next? What are your goals in life?

As for my plans for the future, “growing” would be the simplest way to express it. In a few years I would like to see myself doing things that I love doing.

Future plans for Trinet Solutions?

I never had a notion in my mind that coding is hard and difficult to master. I was driven by my passion to create software, apps and websites and I just wanted to do that so badly. I worked for that and never found it stressful because I felt that I was doing what I wanted to do. So, I want the same thing for other enthusiastic teens as well. Also more than a software company I’d love to see Trinet as an Educational platform as well.

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