5 Bands from Kerala you Shouldn’t Miss Out On!

Music is a universal language; it is a medium that connects people from all over the world. Kerala is blessed with several musical geniuses that explore and create music. Musicians can be considered as the torch-bearers of spreading positivity and good vibes. Musical bands have overtime gained immense popularity in Kerala, from performing festivals to releasing their own compositions. Bands have gone on to make their mark and there are several popular and diverse bands in the State today. Kerala Insider has put together a list of some of the most trending bands in Kerala today that are unique and worth all the attention they have been getting!

Street Academics (@streetacademics)

You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the Street Academics. They are an alternative hip hop group from Kerala that has released some really cool singles. The roots of Street Academics date backs to 1999 when the founder of the group Ranjeev M aka Rjv Ernesto discovered his interest in slam poetry and loop tapes. Street Academics have come a long way since. Some of their popular songs include Aara?, Kalapila and Pambaram among many others. Rajeev M. aka Pakarcha Vyadhi and Haris Saleem aka Maapla, founders of Street Academics, are names among the pioneers of rap in India. The other members of Street Academics are Amjad Nadeem aka Azuran, Arjun Menon aka Imbaachi and Vivek Radhakrishnan aka V3k.

Shanka Tribe (@shanka_tribe)

Shanka Tribe is a band that has a very unique style and vibe. It is a tribal and folk band from Kerala. Shanka’s music makes you feel closer to nature and live performances will inevitably pull you into trance. The Shanka Tribe has 9 members. They are known for being travelling gypsies, they explore tribal music and instruments while they travel. The instruments played by the members of this band are not ones you’d often see played by musicians here in Kerala. If Shanka Tribe is performing near you, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to experience what they have to offer.

Adholokam (@adholokam_band)

With its interesting name, which means ‘underworld’, this band is sure to catch your attention. Formed in 2014, Adholokam is a rock band from Thiruvanthapuram. Their single Pakshi is based on an interesting analogy between a person wanting to achieve their dreams and a bird conquering height. Adholokam is a group of musicians that are known for their distinctive style. Akshaynath M S, Rishikesh Viswambharan, Amal Balan, Christy Aby Varghese, Viswajith Sajeev and Ram Kumar S are members of the band and the talents behind Pakshi. Adholokam is another band you should check out as it is one that is fact-growing in the South Indian Indie music scene.

Matadoria (@matadoria.band.official)

Another band from God’s own Country that has been putting out some good music and has a loyal following. Matadoria is a band from Wayanad that has been playing all over Kerala. Their latest single Dhoore is an absolutely enchanting song that makes you feel happy and incredibly light. Members of the band includes Shiyas Muhammed, Shinas muhammed, Asvin Gopinath, Kailas Nath, Thanveer Zaman and Melwin Mendez. This group of extremely passionate musicians and their Matador is making its way through Kerala with the sole intent of making good music.

Copper Planet (@copperplanet)

Copper Planet is a three-piece progressive rock/metal from Trivandrum. They are known for being experimental with their music. Copper Planet recently released their single ‘Intractable’, which has been accepted warmly by their fans and following. The Copper Planet is Jacob Abraham , Mahendra Sreekumar and Adarsh. It is considered one of the best progressive metal band in Kerala. Check them out on YouTube and other streaming platforms for some cool progressive metal songs!

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