Vimukthi: Kerala’s Fight Against Drugs

International Day against Drug abuse and Illicit Trafficking is celebrated on the 26th of June every year. It is observed by Individuals, Communities and Organizations all over the world as a fight against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. The theme this year is “Better knowledge for better care”. Kerala Insider would like to shine the spotlight on Vimukthi in honor of the International Day against Drug abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

Vimukthi and it’s Vision

Kerala is a State that has been setting examples for the whole world in more ways than one; it has proved numerous times that it holds up to crisis and malayalis sticks together in the times of need. Vimukthi is the Kerala Government’s anti-narcotics campaign that aims to put emphasis on the growing nuisance of narcotics in the State and to educate and spread awareness among the people, especially the youth, on it. Alcohol/drug/substance abuse is becoming a festering wound in the society. Vimukthi works collectively to eradicate all sorts of narcotics from Kerala.

The campaign is implemented with aid from student Police cadets, National Service Scheme, Kudumbasree, Residence associations, Vimukthi Anti Drugs Clubs of Schools and Colleges and many other institutions. Vimukthi has also formed committees in Ward, Panchayat and Block levels of Local Bodies which help in implementing the course of the campaign.

The Aim and Activities of Vimukthi

The campaign aims for an Addiction free Kerala. It conducts State wide campaigns to make students, youth and the public aware of the dangers of addiction in both drugs and alcohol. It is being conducted as part of the mission under the Excise Department. A drug free Kerala is the motto of the mission. Vimukthi believes that there is no space for addiction in the lives of people and they thrive to make everyone understand the malice that alcohol/drug/substance abuse is.

Earlier this year, Vimukthi mission had the message ‘Drug-free Kerala’ displayed on 500 State Road Transport Corporation buses. They have closely tied up with the Kudumbasree to activate the campaign. They have conducted door-to-door campaigns, source of drug tracking, information collection regarding addicts and several other acts to help them conquer their addiction. The mission had also organized marathons to support their cause.

De-Addiction Centres under the Vimukthi Mission

There are 14 de-addiction centres that are functioning under the Vimukthi Mission, one in each district. The space is provided by the Health Department at District/Thaluk Govt. Hospitals in all Districts. The people have access to OP Services, Pharmacotherapy, Detoxification, Counseling, Recreational facilities as well as Yoga therapy and other services including access to the Pediatric ward, all of which comes free of cost.

List of De-addiction centres

The mission also has three counseling centres in three zones of Kerala. Two counselors will be available at each of the three centres. It is possible to get counseling directly from the centres in Thiruvanthapuram, Ernakulam and Kozhikode by calling toll free number 14405.

List of Counselling Centres

Alongside these centres, understanding the menace drug abuse and alcoholism is becoming, affecting school children as well, the Excise Department as part of Vimukthi mission conducts Anti Drug Clubs. These clubs help to strengthen the existing awareness programme.

List of Anti Drug Clubs

This International Day against Drug abuse and Illicit Trafficking let us appreciate the works and efforts of the Vimukthi Mission and all the other organizations that work towards the eradication of drugs in Kerala. It is important to spread awareness of the dangers of this evil.

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