Trends that caught up during the lockdown

The markets aren’t buzzing anymore and your daily commute has been shut down, everything goes to a standstill as the lockdown comes into effect in the country. The measures taken by governments all over the world to battle the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the disruption of our day to day lives. With heavy and heart aching news all around us, there are quite a few interesting trends going round the internet. People have found interesting and entertaining ways to keep in touch while social distancing.

Protection, Prevention of Coronavirus Covid-19

Most people have decided to use this time to spend time with family, work on their creative passions and catch up on some much needed me-time. The many ways people distract themselves from this dire situation is through online games, cooking and baking, painting, reading etc

Some of the Major Trends during the lockdown

Dalgona Coffee

Amid all the chaos that the world is facing, home-made Dalgona Coffee has been successful in making it to people’s to-do lists. This social media trend has engaged netizens all around the world. You might have been stumbling upon pictures of this concoction on your Instagram and twitter all week long wondering what this obsession is about. Dalgona Coffee is a whipped coffee made with just 3 ingredients.

How to make Dalgona Coffee?

Ingredients for Dalgona Coffee

  • Instant Coffee Powder
  • Castor Sugar
  • Hot Water
  • Milk
  • Ice-cubes

Cooking Procedure

  • 2 tablespoons of Coffee powder is placed in a bowl
  • Take 2 tablespoons of Sugar is added
  • 3 tablespoons of water is added to the mixture
  • The mixture is then whisked until the color and consistency changes to a creamy light brown
  • 2/3rd of a glass is filled with milk and a few ice cubes
  • Top the glass of milk with a few spoons of the whipped Dalgona Coffee cream

Your glass of creamy coffee is ready to be served!

Online games

There has been a flurry of activity on many gaming platforms since the lockdown. There are many games that allow friends to connect, chat and video call. This makes it easy and interesting to pass time while stuck at home. Some of the interesting games include:


This is a free app that allows users to play in-app games and quizzes while video calling friends and family members. The app aims to create an ambience similar to a real life houseparty. This virtual platform allows users to engage in games like heads up and draw it with other online users. There has been a surge of users on the app since the lockdown. 2 million users were downloading the app per week in March compared to just 130,000 a week in February. It is fun and an exciting way to stay connected during self-quarantine.

Ludo King

The game has had a great inflow of players since the lockdown. The game has faced technical difficulties due to the excess of traffic it attracted. Ludo King is a free app. It is a virtual version of the old school ludo, the dice is rolled with the touch of a finger, and upto 4 players can take part. A room is created and the code is shared to join the game.

DIY Masks and Sanitizers

The demand for masks and sanitizers quickly rose after the outbreak of corona. People have now figured ways to make it at home with minimal effort. Masks can be made from cloth bags and other materials laying around the house. The primary ingredient for making sanitizers is alcohol and aloe vera gel.

For a link to make masks click here

For a link on how to make santizer click here

Workout Apps

Gyms have been closed down and people have sought out home workout routines to keep fit and healthy. With workout apps available to keep track of fitness regimes, life has been made simpler for frequent gym goers. Different workout apps work for different people, there are many available on both Android and Apple. Most of these exercise apps are free for a trial version after which you can upgrade by paying., Asana Rebel, Daily Yoga, 7 minutes, adidas training by Runtastic are some of the popular ones. There are also walking apps, meditation apps and dance apps to keep your health in check during the lockdown.

It is a difficult and trying time, but everyone is doing their best to cope with it. From the templates being circulated on Instagram to the trending Dalgona Coffee, everybody is finding ways to stay happy and stay positive.

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