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Photography is a beautiful form of expression that is loved and appreciated by so many people around the world. The ability to freeze a moment and capture a memory is absolutely spectacular. Photography is just as much an art as painting and takes much more skill than owning a high-end camera. To play with lighting and movement and different spatial arrangements takes an artistic eye.

Instagram has become the easiest means of exhibiting one’s work and over the years many photographers have used it as a means to put out their photographs and encourage others to do the same. The profiles of certain photographers are nothing but a treat to the eyes. Their photographs are perfectly curated and sometimes convey important concepts and ideas. There are so many photographers on Instagram that there is no way one could put them all in one list. Kerala Insider has selected some amazing photographers who have consistently come out with good work and deserves all the appreciation in the world!

Vishnu Raveendran (@vishnu_whiteramp)

Vishnu Raveendran is a talented photographer from Kerala who is known for going far and beyond to get the perfect shot. His profile is filled with many conceptual shots that are thought provoking and stimulating. Vishnu has many specialties other than his conceptual shoots, he also does wedding shoots, fashion shoots and baby shoots. Vishnu has over 129K followers on Instagram who continuously appreciate his posts and its creativity.

Yaami (@yaami_____)

Yaami’s photographs are sensual and captivating. Most of her photographs depict the different avatars of women in an extremely vulnerable and aesthetic form. Yaami is a creative young lady making wonders with her camera. She has worked with many actresses and has succeeded in capturing their different emotions and feelings. Her photographs and its style are unique to her and she is always up for creating interesting shots with deeper meanings.

Sainu Whiteline (@sainu_whiteline)

You have been living under a rock if you haven’t seen Sainu’s photographs, his works flood the internet every now and then. Most of his popular works are wedding photographs, he is the man behind the beautiful shots of celebrity nuptials. Sainu Whiteline is an Instagram favorite and his profile is filled with dream-like weddings and ceremonies. Sainu also does Fashion photography, Maternity photography and Newborn baby photography.

Jikson Francis (@jiksonphotography)

There is something about Jikson’s photography that is truly special. His fashion shoots are incredibly unique and encompasses a certain boldness that appeals to its viewers. Jikson has worked with many celebrities and his photographs of them haven’t failed to pleasantly surprise. Jikson is from Cochin, he has over 26K followers on Instagram and his photographs continue to attract many more.

Aishwarya Ashok (@aishwaryashok)

A feeling of calm is what stands out as you scroll through Aishwarya’s photographs, each feeling like a subtle touch. A lot of her photographs have a dusky tone that makes it especially attractive to it’s viewer. Aiswarya’s photographs of female subjects are worth a special mention as they seem to seep into one’s soul, telling a particular story. You don’t want to miss out on this young lady’s photographs and her exceptional talent.

Akhil Komachi (@akhilkomachi)

Coming from a family full of photographers, it shouldn’t be surprising that Akhil’s photographs are extremely expressive and beautiful. The most intriguing of his photographs are those from his visit to Bhutan. Along with his photographs he includes short captions on his subjects that gives his audience a better experience of his photograph. Akhil is as much a traveler as he is a photographer and this is evident as you scroll through his Instagram profile.

George Sabu (@grgcsabu)

Calm pastel tones and subtle hues are what stands out when you visit George’s profile. His photographs have a certain depth that makes it very pleasing to the eye. George’s photographs feel like cotton candy in a vibrant amusement park. There are also so many photographs of food arrangements on his profile that makes you wonder ‘since when has food looked so appetizing?’. You’re missing out if you haven’t checked him out yet!

Athul Krishna (@athul_whiteramp)

Athul Krishna is a young photographer from Thrissur. His photographs are vibrant and colorful. Athul has a lot of pictures that capture traditional ideas and subjects. He also does wedding shoots along with fashion shoots. Athul’s style of photography is different as well as his style of editing.

Nandagopal Iyyamparambil (@nandagopal94)

Nandagopal is another wedding photographer that has the ability to perfectly capture a happy moment. His photographs of brides and bridal functions are nothing but heavenly. You would lose track of time if you happen to stumble upon his feed of photographs, each uniquely capturing a special moment of a couple or individual. The tones Nandagopal uses for his photographs are distinctive to him and that is what makes his work special.

Nihsha Showkath (@i_lonetraveller)

Nihsha Showkath is a young photographer that has constantly put out some amazing photographs on her profile. Her macro shots of flowers and insects are aesthetically pleasing and perfectly captured. A lot of her photographs are captured using an iPhone. She also works on macro videos that are just as captivating as her photographs.

Arun Raj (@arun_raj_photography_)

Arun Raj is Kerala’s favorite and well known concept photographer. Arun Raj passionately focuses and selectively picks topics based on our society and turns them into amazing concept photo story. Till date, all his concept shoots have become viral in most of the social medias and have achieved may accomplishments. Conveying a social issue through photo story with his mind blowing frames has made people think deeply and shed tears often. Some of the most famous news channels have featured Arun’s concept works recently. Arun Raj is not only a concept photographer who passionately seeks variance in each shoot, also a well talented fashion photographer.

Arun Raj has support from over 30K followers on instagram, who continuously appreciate his perfect frames and concept shoots.

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