Top 5 Kerala Instagram Accounts to Follow

With the lockdown laying a truckload of free time on everyone’s hands, the amount of time spent on social media has increased and Instagram has been the spotlight this time around. There are so many beautifully curated pages on the gram covering all sorts of topics from comedy to travel guides to fashion content. Instagram is your spot for ideas, inspiration and even news updates. This article will tell you 5 Instagram Accounts about Kerala that are worth following.

How Instagram Works?

The Instagram algorithm isn’t easy to understand as it is frequently changing and being modified. It can be concluded though that you receive the most engagement when your user base is interacting with you on your posts often and your number of followers is also crucial. That being said, we understand that running an Instagram page is no easy task. To make sure your page runs smoothly you need to work constantly in making new and interesting content. Instagram doesn’t pay its users like YouTube for making content but it is a platform that allows one to make paid promotions and earn an income.

The 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow

There are numerous pages on Instagram boasting of the scenic beauty and delights of Kerala. God’s own Country is filled with tourism worthy destinations and mouth watering traditional food. These pages devote themselves to providing its followers with original photos and videos of the state as well as help in conveying news and other information to the people. Here are the top 5 Instagram accounts all Malayalees should follow:

Kerala Tourism @keralatourism

This is the official Instagram page of the Kerala’s Tourism Department. The page has several beautiful photographs of the tourist destinations in Kerala, promoting people to visit Kerala for the wonderful experience to be gained. On following this page you come to realize all that you’ve overlooked being born into God’s own Country.

Ente Kottayam @entekottayam

Don’t let the name fool you, this page promotes everything Kerala. From funny videos to pictures of rainy days, @entekottayam offers a wide variety of content. With 558K followers on the platform, it is right to say that this page provides it audiences with worthy content. Ente Kottayam is a private page, access needs to be requested to join the community.

Kerala Foodie @keralafoodie

Kerala Foodie’s Instagram is filled with drool worthy pictures of food found in the state of Kerala. The page gives honest food reviews as well as recipes to some interesting dishes. Kerala Foodie does not stick to only Kerala’s dishes but also branches out to different states of the country in an attempt to introduce other cuisines to the Malayalee audience. Following Kerala Foodie isn’t a decision you are going to regret.

Trivandrum Vibe @trivandrumvibes

There isn’t one reason as to why you shouldn’t follow Trivandrum Vibes; the page has an excellent aesthetic that attracts its audience. As its bio states “Showing the best of God’s own Capital”, Trivandrum vibes helps you see the city with a new lens, every nook and corner that you usually ignore turn out to be unusually scenic.

Kerala Photos @keralaphotos

Scrolling through this page you realize how much of Kerala is inside of you, seeing the photographs of food, nature and culture of our native land, the malayalee in you resonates deep emotions. The photographs on Kerala Photos are beautifully captured, it depicts Kerala’s scenic destinations.

There are several other Instagram pages that devote itself to Kerala and its culture. People have created pages to convey news and images of their district. @my_kozhikode, @incrediblekochi and @thrissurgram are examples of such Instagram pages, each of which have thousands of followers.

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