Positives of the Pandemic: Finding the Silver Lining

With the pandemic resulting in an overflow of negativity, Kerala Insider set out to find some of the positive things that the lockdown and pandemic has contributed to the business world. Though times are difficult, there are people around us using this time to take their businesses forward and help themselves grow and evolve into better individuals. We asked a few of our entrepreneurs how the Covid-19 pandemic might have given them new opportunities and there were many positive responses to this query, if one group of people used this time to work on their skills and techniques, the other used it to make plans for spreading their wings and expanding their brands.

One of the most positive outcomes of the pandemic in general is the decrease in pollution all over the world. The decrease in our carbon footprints, as we have all stayed home, has given the environment a chance to revive itself. Everyone also got the opportunity to relax and take a breather from an otherwise busy schedule. Read on to see how the business world also found some pros to this heartbreaking situation of the world!

Entrepreneurs and their Positive take on the Pandemic

What the lockdown and pandemic gifted most people is an abundance of time. People got the chance to stay at home, spend time with their loved ones and take a break from their continuous and sometimes monotonous work pattern. Shurouk, a makeup artist and baker, found the lockdown as the perfect time to invest into improving her skills.

I got a lot of spare time to improve my skills and get out of my comfort zone to practice new techniques . I got to study the products I already had in hand more effectively.

Shurouck, Founder of GlambySugar.

There are so many others who have also used this time to get better at what they do or plan ways to improve their product or service.

Gifting and Online Delivery Services

Our business is all about spreading love and care. It was heartening to see people sending gifts even during the pandemic. People far away from home wanting to send their love and care through thoughtful gifts to their loved ones back home.So during the crisis our sales got a push. That’s because people are often at their best when situations are at their worst. The beautiful fact is that in spite of the confusion and uncertainty humans find meaning in sending love and smiles and care to each other.

Reshmi Easo, Founder of Grande Gift Hampers, a gifting brand that specializes in curated and custom gift hampers for all occasions.

As everyone committed to maintaining social distance, people tried to spread happiness and positivity through gifts that can be ordered online and delivered as per request. A lot of businesses that specialize in online deliveries saw a boost in their sales thanks to the pandemic.

The Covid19 pandemic helped boost our sales, we were flooded with orders and it was not only medicines but other essentials too as people were confined to their homes. It boosted our productivity at work and we could achieve in a week what otherwise would have taken a month. It also taught us a lot about business and the importance of team work under uncertain circumstances and how to respond accordingly.

Tahseen Amin, Founder of HyperGo

Tailoring Businesses kept aloft during Lockdown

The lockdown had resulted in many businesses going through tremendous loss. The tailoring business found itself a huge opportunity in the pandemic. Masks are high in demand and tailors are going all-out to create beautiful and creative masks to keep people safe and in style.

We used our existing e-commerce channel to propagate the purpose of mask and PPE. Moreover it helped many tailoring units to find an income during the lockdown. Thanks to all who have supported this. This has given eveyone more confidence to meet challenges in the future and we are very happy to meet the necessity of time through us.

Rohini Hemanth, Founder of Pudava by Rohini

The Digital Shift in many Business Sectors

Entrepreneurs with online businesses are benefiting the most due to the digital shift occurring due to the pandemic. With people feeling safer staying at home and shopping online, all types of online businesses are seeing an increase in the number of customers.

Overwhelming enquiries and sales is the key positive outcome. The most important thing is that the trend line is moving positive for the last 2 months (May-Jun). We have been asked to spread our wings to different parts of the world and discussions are ongoing.

Priya Deepak, Founder of Kitch.in Natural Cookware.

Businesses that provide their services without the need for physical contact are blooming. People are looking for online alternatives for the services they would usually avail offline. Co-founder of Mclelore, an online Instagram based customized clothing store for men, Ibshar Ifthikar tells us his positive take on the pandemic.

Every cell has a positive and negative side. So I try to find the positive side of every situation. As far as Mclelore is concerned, the pandemic has set up many positive outcomes for our business. Today people try to avoid gatherings, contact with other people and time spent in shops. So we’re the ones who can provide our service at their doorstep and reduce their risk of going out to shops and malls. We take the correct measurements and provide our customers with the perfect fit. And for us our customers safety is a huge priority, we provide our services by following all Covid protocols by the government.

K Ibshar Ifthikar, Co-founder Mclelore

Web developing companies are also seeing a surge in clients as many brands and businesses are looking to take their services onto an online platform.

We have received a tremendous response from customers across the globe for mobile application development as most of them are on the edge to transform their business digitally during this pandemic. This is the right time for companies that offer quality services in their area of business.

Jees Kariyil, Director Serville Technologies and Cofounder of JOBOY Application

Another sector that has been seeing some major changes is Healthcare. Healthcare apps are flourishing due the pandemic as most people now find it safer to make prior bookings and only visit hospitals when it is absolutely necessary. Shihab Makaniyil of Shopdoc explains how the pandemic is helping Shopdoc, a healthcare App to digitally empower doctors, clinics and hospitals.

Rapid digital transformation in healthcare sector is creating massive opportunities for our hospital software products. Quick technology adaptation and change in people’s perception are increasing growth potential for our consumer offerings. Talent acquisition becomes much easier for startups like us, thus we are able to increase our team count 5 times over the last 3 months

Shihab Makaniyil, Healthcare entrepreneur, founder & CEO of ShopDoc

It isn’t easy to stay positive when there is so much negativity spreading around us. Whether its social media or news platforms, there is hardly anything to brighten up our day. The pandemic has been challenging and difficult to say the least. This being said there are businesses that have taken this to be a blessing in disguise!

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