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Aftermath of Covid-19: Masks going viral

With Covid-19 spreading like wildfire, masks are high on demand and one can find them all over the place. People are making masks at home in different styles and varieties helping out in these times of need. It is commendable the innovative methods people have adopted to make masks. The cloth face coverings/masks will help reduce the spread as it will try and prevent the spreading from people who may have the virus

The Need for Masks during the Pandemic

The use of cloth face coverings will help slow the spread of Covid-19. It is important to note that the cloth face coverings recommended are not surgical masks or N-95 respirators; these should be reserved for healthcare workers and medical staff. It is the time to observe social distancing and masks have become a necessity. Masks are being made out of t-shirts and cloth lying around the house; these suffice the need of the general public. When in a social setting, it is important to maintain 6 feet of distance along with masks and frequent hand washing as preventive measures. Care should also be taken while wearing a mask; it should fit snugly from the top of the nose to the bottom of the chin without gaps.

A fine of up to Rs 5000 is to be levied for not wearing masks in public, shopkeepers will also be fined if they do not provide a facility to sanitize hands in their shops.

The different types of masks

The N-95 Respirators

These masks are the most effective. As the name suggests it blocks at least 95% of tiny particles-0.3 microns-that are the hardest to capture. These masks are made for single use and it should be reserved for those who are most prone to contracting the disease such as the medical care workers. The N-95 masks are made of a fine mesh of synthetic polymer fibers.

N-95 Mask covid-19

Surgical Masks

A surgical mask is also known as a medical mask, it is worn by health professionals during surgery or nursing. These are worn to protect the wearer from airborne bacteria and virus particles. These are less effective than the N-95 respirators.

Surgical Mask covid-19

Homemade Masks

The high demand in masks has lead to a shortage in supply. When made according to the given guidelines, masks made at home will suffice the immediate need of the general public. If the material used is dense enough to capture particles and breathable, the masks will be beneficial to the wearers. Various videos and tutorials are available all over the internet regarding the making of masks. These masks should have two layers and ties. Some homemade masks have a pocket for filters which makes it even safer, but it isn’t necessary.

Homemade mask covid-19

Where to buy masks from?

There are so many individuals making masks at home and selling them online. You can get personal safety supplies on Amazon and Flipkart. Fashionable and designer forms of masks have also hit the market and clever businessmen are venturing into the field. Boutiques like Paris and Block and Prints are making masks out of the cloth materials they have with an aesthetic touch to it.

Another option is to make masks at home. There are plenty of Youtube videos demonstrating how to make masks from cloth, paper and even old clothes and Tees. May be this is the time to learn or polish your stitching skills and make the lockdown time fruitful.

Masks are here to stay for a while and we have to accept this for the health and safety of our society.

Few options to order your masks in Kerala

Name of the CompanyType of MaskPrice Range
Pudava By Rohini
Cotton/Nylon ₹ 10-16
Jan Shikshan Sansthan, EKM
Double Layered/Reusable ₹ 10-15
Lonicera Herbals3 ply ₹ 6-10
Kanjikode Industries Forum3 ply masks ₹ 3.5-6
Blocks and Prints, EKM
Reusable Cotton Mask ₹ 25-35
Paris De Boutique
Washable and Reusable Cotton Masks ₹ 25 (wholesale price)
Kudumbashree ( all districts)Single/double layered Cotton Masks ₹ 10-15

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