Kerala Insider’s 10 Most Inspiring Fitness Influencers

If you haven’t started taking care of your body already, it is high time you put on your workout shoes. Working out and staying fit has finally made it to people’s list of priorities. With the pandemic in the air, gyms are closed and people have turned to online fitness classes to stay fit and healthy as they sit at home and move around very less. The internet has paved way for all sorts of things and online fitness coaching is just another welcome feature.

There are now many fitness influencers who work hard to put out fitness content and help individuals adopt a more healthier lifestyle. With the promotion of fitness on social media, there has been an increase in the number of people who look out to take care of their body. Kerala Insider has picked out 10 fitness enthusiasts that have been influencing their audience to get up and start working out!

1. Jasmine M Moosa (@jazminejaas4)

Jasmine’s story is inspiring and beautiful, coming from an orthodox Muslim family in Kerala and it’s very sexist disposition, she had to face some real struggles before succeeding as a Certified Fitness Coach. Now she has thousands of admirers and her story is that of a warrior. Her profile is filled with pictures of her fit body and her love for workouts. She also has a customized diet plan program which emphasizes the need for a good diet to stay healthy and fit. It would be surprising if you don’t start working out after scrolling through her profile.

2.Thoufeer Ali (@coach__ali)

Thoufeer Ali is the Founder of Fitness Thai and Ali’s Fighting Training. He releases fitness videos and tips and tricks of work outs. Coach Ali is a Yoga, Calisthenics, Boxing and Health Coach. He posts videos that are helpful for people working out from home, teaching them the do’s and don’t’s of exercises. Coach Ali is passionate in what he does and this is evident when you watch his videos and his commitment to fitness. He is worth all the 10k followers on his Instagram!

3.Rahib (@bheegaran)

If you’re looking for fitness inspiration, look no more, Rahib aka Bheegaran is all about fitness and healthy body transformations. He motivates everyone to stick to a good diet and quit excuses. Rahib has also worked with celebrities like Parvathy Thiruvothu. He had a 30 days challenge on his Instagram which invited everyone to take up his 30 days self-care fitness challenge. Rahib also posts really helpful information regarding workouts for those who are working out from home.

4.Abhi Murali (@abhii.muralii)

Abhi Murali is a fitness coach at Fitness Thai, she is an architect and a fitness enthusiast. Her profile is filled with useful fitness videos as well as videos for women out there struggling with PCOD and other health concerns. If you’re lacking the motivation to hit the gym or work out, Abhi’s videos might give you the right boost to get up and do what’s needed.

5.Farhan Fanu (@fanu__farhan)

Another Fitness Trainer that is all motivation and good vibes, Farhan is all about clean form and aesthetic fitness poses. Going through Farhan’s videos will not only get one motivated to start working out but also to do so gracefully. It would be a shame if you aren’t following him on the ‘gram, cause you’re missing out on some good fitness content. Farhan also does personal training and online training for his clients.

6.Rajesh Raj (@hitman_r_a_j)

Rajesh is a National Level Boxer, a certified Calisthenics Trainer and a Strength coach. He is the Co-founder of Mettle Fitness , a Super Premium Health and Fitness Club in Calicut. Rajesh’s Instagram is filled with workout photos and videos, he is all motivation for those out there who are hesitating to start their fitness journey.

7.Poornima Viswanathan (@zwaggwithpoornima)

Poornima is a Certified Fitness Trainer and a Zumba expert. She is the founder of Zwagg Fitness Studio in Kochi. Poornima is all about dance and fitness, her videos will inspire you to go break a leg, she makes staying fit and healthy exciting and fun. She also conducts online workout sessions in the light of the pandemic. Poornima is all positive vibes and a truckload of happiness, and you can get yourself some of that by joining her classes and staying active and fit!

8.Sreeya Iyer (@train_with_sreeyaiyer)

Sreeya Iyer is an Actor, Anchor and Fitness enthusiast. Her fitness videos are very well explained and cut out for an audience that are new to working out or are restarting their fitness journey. She’s all about staying fit and burning out those unwanted calories. If Sreeya’s videos can’t motivate you to start working out, I’m afraid nothing else can.

9.Reji K Raj (@beastrainer.reji)

Reji is a Fitness coach and an OCR athlete. His profile is filled with workout instructions and the amazing transformations of his clients. If you’re looking out to start your fitness journey, Reji is a fine place to start. Whether its the different types of push-ups or a 30-days fat burn challenge, Reji aka Beast Trainer has it all.

10.Krishna (@krisshmc)

Krishna is a Freelance fitness trainer from Kochi. He is all about training hard and training religiously. There are a variety of fitness videos on his Instagram. He is also a Calisthenics Coach. Krishna does offer online fitness classes and is determined to help his clients achieve their body goals!

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