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Marketing is an area of concern for most startups. With the unfathomable level of competition in the market, the right kind of marketing and advertising takes you a long way. It is extremely important to reach the target audience effectively through marketing techniques in order to ensure the consumption of the product or service. Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business and it is definitely no piece of cake. There are numerous companies and brands out there that fail to make it in the market due to the lack of a good marketing strategy. Marketing serves many purposes from informing the audience to building the business to making a brand and therefore it is without doubt incredibly important in today’s business world. There is an abundance of marketing and advertising agencies in Kerala, each being unique in its own way.

Digital marketing, as compared to traditional marketing, is less expensive though just as effective. Thanks to the role the internet plays in our lives, through digital marketing we get to contact the target audience much more directly. Startups with minimal funds in the early stages of setting up prefer digital marketing due to its feasibility and the ability to interact with their target consumers. Kerala Insider has put together a list of a few digital marketing companies that has been putting out some good work consistently!

Creative Monkeys (

Creative Monkeys, an advertising and marketing agency based in Kozhikode, has been playing the right cards when it comes to marketing. Their works are creative and tend to attract the viewer’s attention quite quickly. If you are looking for a trustworthy company to handle your digital marketing, look no more, Creative Monkeys is absolutely up for the game! They offer brand communications, events, creative designs, digital marketing, video production and website & SEO services.

Some of Creative Monkeys’ Works

Blusteak (@blusteak)

Blusteak is another marketing agency from Kerala that has given an interesting perspective to marketing. Their techniques are unique and this is probably the key attraction to their work. Blusteak’s take on advertising and marketing a product or service is fun and interesting. A look through their profile on Instagram is enough to attract you to their work.

Popcornics (@popcornics_)

An interesting name for an interesting company. Popcornics is a creative social media marketing, branding and advertising agency based in Malappuram, Kerala. Marketing plays a crucial when it comes to making sure the target audience understands the product and service, it is up to the marketing firm to ensure their techniques effectively do the same. There are some fun and cool ideas at Popcornics that are sure to capture the viewer’s attention at the same time convey the purpose of the product or service. You can start by checking out their Instagram profile to see what they’ve been up to!

Some of Popcornics’ Works

Centre Source (@centre_source)

There should be an abundance of creativity at marketing and advertising firms to keep up with the highly competitive industry. Centre source is a Digital Marketing Company based in Kochi that seem to comprise of a pool of creative individuals. Centre source has some really cool and attention-grabbing projects on their portfolio. They have also worked with several reputed companies.

Some of Centre Source’s work

Pentool E-Design Hub (@pentool_edesign_hub)

Pentool E-design Hub is yet another branding and creative advertising business. It is the role of marketing and advertising to build the reputation of a company besides the product and service itself. Branding is very important to any enterprise. Pentool is a hub for creative advertisements and interesting graphic designs.

Some of Pentool’s Work

Viral Mafia (@theviralmafia)

Growth hacking is a comparatively new addition to marketing. It focuses on growing the business and expanding the consumer base. Growth hacking looks to grow the startup with the limited fund available. Viral Mafia is a Growth Hacking Agency based in Kozhikode. Early-stage startups usually with limited funds would find it beneficial to work with a growth hacking agency. If you’re looking for a growth hacking agency with some good work in Kerala, Viral Mafia might be the right place for you!

Some of Viral Mafia’s works

A strong marketing game is the backbone of many businesses and it is the driving force in it’s growth. It is important for startups to associate with the right marketing agency which recognizes its needs in order to achieve growth. There are quite a few marketing companies out there, each with a different style of working with its client. Finding a company that suits your needs and constructively approach your demands can be a game changer for your startup!

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