Paving way to eco-friendly clothing

With our conscience taking the forefront, we try to make healthier and more environment friendly choices. One such choice is that to wear organic clothing. Organic clothing is clothing that is made from organic materials, those which have not been subjected to any form of chemical modification. Organic clothing can be made of Cotton, Jute, Silk, Ramie, or Wool. They are grown without any chemicals; for example the seeds of cotton that are not genetically modified but left to grow by themselves, the certified organic cotton eliminates the use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

Organic Clothing Businesses

People have realized this niche and there are now multiple organic clothing brands. These brands infuse the concept of organic clothing with fashion, making people look good as they make socially responsible choices. Eco-friendly clothing are more in vogue now than ever before.

Organic Clothing Brands in Kerala

Aambal Eco Clothing Store

Located in a 300 year old heritage Portuguese home at Fort Kochi, the boutique is set aesthically in Napier Street inviting passers-by to come in and have a look. The clothing store sells everything Organic, Eco-friendly, Hand-woven, Natural, Hand-made, Artistic, Recycled and Indian. Aambal caters to both men and women along with other items such as eco-friendly bags, cosmetics, home décor, yoga mats etc

Aambal Store

Niraamaya – Ayurvastra for Wellness

Niraamaya is an organic store that sells organic yoga mats. They are premium and handmade, made with organic cotton. The mat is infused with Ayurvedic herbs, the hues are dyed using herbs like neem, tulsi, turmeric, red sandal etc. Niraamaya also sells yoga towels, eye pillows, bedsheets, stoles and natural laundry powder. They have two exclusive stores in Fort Kochi and Jew Town.


Sparas offers a collection of products that are ethnic and natural, they have both online and offline stores. There is a wide array of products sold by Sparas, from clothing to natural spices. Sparas has its outlet at Vytila, Ernakulam. Their product range includes women and menswear, rudraksha, handicrafts, natural spices and cosmetics. Sparas aims to work with people in rural areas of India as well as focuses on women empowerment.

Clothing by Sparas

Byhand-Kochi’s Largest Ethnic Store

Yet another organic ethnic clothing store that aims to provide everyone the opportunity to wear organic clothing. Byhand follows the 10 principles of the World Trade Organization.They advocate the need for organic clothing as chemicals used in clothing when in contact with the skin causes numerous health risks. The products are made to portray Indianness, bringing together tradition and grace.

Trending Collection by Byhand

There are now many businesses coming up in the organic clothing industry with people realizing that this is the safer option when it comes to the clothes we wear. Organic clothing is not synonymous with dull colors and old patterns anymore but infused with a variety of designs and patterns to suit all age groups.

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