Back to Work after The Holidays

Having to get back to work after the holidays should be a crime. It always feels like an impossible feat, with all the cheer and fun Christmas brought along, followed by the partying and excitement of New Years eve, getting back to the office is no easy task. The thought of your day-to-day responsibilities and overflowing mailbox is already filling you with dread and you can’t wait for the weekend. At the end of the day, you drag yourself to work and gracefully handle your reluctance to see your boss and co-workers.

The holidays are incredible and much awaited, you get to see all your family and friends. You can also devote a couple of days to some self-care. This way you can prepare to handle the next bout of working days happily and energetically. There are so many ways to make the transition from play mode to work mode easy.

Ways to Make Getting Back To Work Easier

Take the day before resuming work to relax and organize

It is wise to take the day to yourself and not pile up your to-do list. Get yourself ready for the hard work you need to put into your jobs and businesses. A morning at the gym to lose the calories you’ve gained during the holidays or some yoga to bring in the calm. It is also great if you could plan out your day tomorrow; make a list of all the things you have to complete and the new stuff you need to get started on. Prioritize and make sure the day isn’t hectic.

Think of all the things that excite you about work

Instead of focusing on the things you hate about work, focus on the things that you like and enjoy about your job or business. Get excited for the proposal you have been working on or your cabin at the office that you’ve personalized, maybe even getting to finally tell your co-worker all about your holiday adventures. This gives you a positive perspective and you will enjoy getting back to your work routine more.

Get to bed early

You might have been losing sleep or sleeping a little extra during the holidays, either way it is time to get your sleep clock back to normal. Running late to the office in the New Year or going in with sleepy eyes does not give the right impression, it is best to get yourself in bed just in time to get you a good 8 hours sleep.

Take breaks during the day

It would be soul killing to go full on work mode when you are just back from spending your days lounging in your couch. You can take some time off between your tasks at work; listening to music, a coffee break or some chit chat with your friend at work are efficient ways to relax. This way you ease yourself into your work routine and it isn’t too tiring or too boring.

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